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  1. I was wondering how the dev team would inplement fluids into the game and I don't really like the idea, because they would just settle further down in the planet and you would end up with a core thats completely water logged yeah for sure great idea
  2. Just as a footnote, I am aware that weather is already a confirmed development topic, I just wanted to suggest diversity and increasing difficulty
  3. I'm nostalgic for old astroneer dust storms, I think that weather of increasing severity and difficulty should be added to planets in a way that makes sense. for example, OG duststorms on arid, infrequent and small meteors on desolo, fog on the tropical planets, and something like an acid rain that destroyed exposed resources and hurt the player on radiated. I like having to adapt to the different planets I visit, i believe that ramped up and diverse weather hazards would demand more preparation and adaptation to different planets. This may also provide greater incentive to break the status q