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  1. I want to play with my 2 friends but every time they try to join it says the server is full and I tried it on a new save and it still did not work i even used invite but still both times it was just me in the game and neither of my friends could join so its not just on their end pleas fix honestly I'm kinda pissed about not being able to play with my friends but it's ok if you don't fix this immediately a short term fix for this would be removing the "server is full" error when joining session
  2. so here are some miscellaneous modules I had ideas for: landing pad things (I'm too dumb to come up with a real name) so this essentially is for interplanetary item transport and getting rid of auto arm trains, and here is my idea for the UI: receiver: set the ID (can also send items back to sender if needed) sender: choose the ID to send to (should be able to be switched remotely), also the user can choose which items to send, kind of like an AutoArm filter, and how much items it should fill up with before sending them (max: 8) rocket: fly resources condenser and sublimizer:
  3. an easy excuse for why this happens is meditation lol
  4. before we start, NO, I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE ASTRONEER A RPG, I am just trying to add some ideas so I had this idea that we could add player roles, this would also be realistic, because at NASA, they don't just pick people off the streets (or print them), they pick people that are good at certain things, like biology, and here are my ideas for roles (but you can add more): scientist - more bytes for research samples miner - the harder the soil, the faster it mines (but there are still hardness restrictions) technician - increased backpack battery storage and items on backpack (like mods
  5. technically if you want a landmark (such as either an exodynamic research aid you unlocked in your buggy and are coming back with your large rover, or a landing spot that is easy to see)
  6. I had this idea that the player could research things more in depth (using the token system found here: like wind turbines lasting after the wind is gone because the friction is reduced, or portable oxygenerators taking up 1/2 U/s
  7. I was thinking you could add a skill tree to the game (just upgrades to the player, like backpack size, o2 consumption, backpack battery size, etc.) and how you would unlock things is a new area in the action wheel where you can spend credits obtained from putting astronium in a machine (I would have used bytes but those are farmable so, I think you see why NOT to use bytes)