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  1. Okay, So this bug happens when you are playing multilayer. Anytime you or your friends attempts to build on the base. it will abruptly crash. Causing a loss in progress. Or if you don't build on the base you'll only be able to play for 30-60 mins making it nearly impossible to do multilayer. Please fix mk ;c
  2. This idea came to me just now. I was wondering what if you could make mods for Astroneer like adding new ores, Creatures, Terrains, Tool Modifications, Player modifications, etc The possibility with this game is endless! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! Vote now! :
  3. some times when you save your game then re load your game it sometimes spawns more caves. basically destroying your world. It doesn't happen all the time but it happens. Also there's a multiplayer ruining ,"Trainer" That I tested and It does work on servers so I was also hoping you could patch this: Astroneer V0.2.90.0 Trainer +2 MrAntiFun.EXE