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  1. https://forum.systemera.net/topic/64160-resource-containers-3rd-new-settingmode-stand-by/
  2. Sadly Unnecessary, just make some RTGs and take those to the new base location. Like of all the things this game could use, the last thing we need is power lines right now. If they ever added something like geothermal power generators, and some heat source that isn't moveable, then we could do with power lines for that. Even then, you could just make your base to that location. One clump of graphite and you would have enough packagers to move easily.
  3. It's ridiculous that this still isn't a feature or change that has not been implemented already. Resource containers are legit the biggest disappointment, their protentional is huge. You should be able to have a Extra Large Platform C, with 2-3 Large Storage Silo B and 24-36 Containers for everything you need and want to craft, with a single Chemistry Lab or a Chemistry Lab/Printers. Any time you change a recipe everything that was previously on the crafting station falls on the ground, because if you have any available slots on your platform the outputting containers fill those slots up. As the game currently is, the only way to craft flawlessly would be a setup with Chemistry Labs and small/medium/large printers, one for every recipe each on their own platform, with their ingredients in containers and a container for the final product for each station. There's over 100 recipes in this game, and 12 Chemistry Lab recipes, this change would eliminate the need for all that, and allow you to continue using a single station each. Some games that would make more sense, a crafting station for every recipe in the game, games like Satisfactory you need a production line for every component of every individual item going non stop. However this game doesn't require you to make 200 diamonds an hour because you need to send a load of Drill Mod 3 into orbit for EXO. Usually you might need 3 steel now for a new platform, and 2 nanocarbon 30mins later, or 2 rubber and aluminum alloy for another trailer. You should be able to switch your recipe without all the ingredients from the prior recipe falling on the ground and having to pick them up, because every crafting station requires slots on the platform to push ingredients back to containers. This cannot not be a hard change to implement, there is no way it is. There has to be a third mode, smelting furnace actually requires and makes use of output mode to fill it's slots, but literally every other station needs some sort of mode that just has a single resource on containers, but doesn't let the containers fill up the platform. Now you might think that making Chemistry Lab, and printers, just push to containers instead of adding this third mode feature to containers. That it would be a better fix, but you would be wrong, because multiple recipes require two identical items, and the slow speed and queue of recourses inputting to containers would still make a single resource fall to the ground.