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  1. Oops, looks like I don't have access to the attachment? Says Unavailable. @SES_Gina
  2. Haha, sounds like a good plan to me! Thank you so much for the help!
  3. Wow thanks Gina, you guys are awesome! Here's my most recent save: SHHMULE$2021.04.09-00.47.22.savegame
  4. I've never had this problem. Have you tried replicating the problem by flying the same shuttle with the same canister with some Carbon in it? Try with just one carbon, and see what happens. If you are worried about losing your resource while testing, save the game just before you do it so you can revert and try different ways to replicate the problem, or see if it was just a once-off. I can only imagine the Devs will struggle to figure out the cause if you've only had this happen once, as it may have been a once-off corrupt instruction which might not happen again. Let's hope the Devs can
  5. FYI If you plan to fix that save file so Glacio landing sites work, please let me know first so I can send you my most up-to-date savegame, as I've played a lot since I sent you that file. Thanks. SHHMULE$2021.04.08-15.07.22.savegame
  6. Hi Gina, I took my shuttle, as haven't unlocked cores yet. When I first arrived on Glacio, I remember only seeing the one landing zone. There are no beacons or landing pads etc on Glacio, just the one spot I first landed and build some equipment. Save file attached. Thanks. SAVE_2$2021.04.07-01.23.49.savegame
  7. Hi, I recently started a new savegame for the new update. I've put 27 hours into this particular game. I'm not new to Astroneer, having put over 180 hours in total over the last year, so I know how things operate. Today I spent several hours building an outpost on Glacio, but I forgot to place a beacon or landing pad. I had to travel back to Sylva to craft some supplies before returning to place my landing pad down, but when I returned to Glacio's orbit, the landing bubble had disappeared. I thought I could land at another site and walk my way back to the base, as I knew where it was, bu