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  1. I now have it fixed. I downloaded the game on my old pc and tested, if Astroneer worked there. -> It did work. Then I transfered the "Astroneer" and the "Astro" files via USB-Stick on my pc and put them in the correct folders. Thx for helping
  2. Have tried it multiple times, didn´t work. It often is the first thing i do, when a steam game doesn´t work/ start.
  3. I would like to do the steps you said, but the folders aren´t there (as you can see in the picture). They aren´t created jet. But I still have the file on my old pc.
  4. Mods for Astroneer? - No Mods for other Steam Games? - Yes, but they shouldn’t affect it, cause they are obviously not in the Astroneer folder.
  5. I have the Steam version of Astroneer since 6. March 2019. After seeing the new "Missions, Compass and Power-Update" i wanted to play Astroneer again. The game was not installed, because I got a new Computer and I did not install Astroneer until jet. After installing the Game, I started it up and wanted to play it, but after chosing if I wanted to play Astroneer in Fullscreen or Windowed mode, nothing happend and the button to start a game in Steam went back to the "Play" status. I have tried different methods to fix and launch the game, but nothing helped/worked. I also checked, if my vi