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  1. I attached the save file. the single play is possible but the joining is failed SAVE_1$2021.04.02-17.30.58.savegame
  2. I moved the save file to the client. and swap the client and the server. but it has the same problem. the server(the client before) can play with the single game but the client (the server before) cannot join the game
  3. it stops at the loading screen with the fulled loading bar over 2mins Client i7-2600k @4.2Ghz 10GB RAM Game on HDD Server Ryzen7 3700X @3.6Ghz (PBO) 32GB RAM Game on SSD (Reading 3500MB/s, Wrting 2500MB/s)
  4. it takes a very long loading time before the error or freezing.
  5. and it works normally if I start the new game
  6. it seems the korean error message is wrong
  7. We played it 65 hours. and I tried to continue it
  8. Cannot join the friend game. It just displays "[!] Work Light"