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  1. Tao

    Spreadsheet for exploring!

    Cheers! Thanks for sharing
  2. Tao

    I'm Lost!

    Happened to me a couple of times, only way I found my way home was drive around, best way is drive in one direction for a long time whilst checking your surroundings (left / right) with the camera angle to check if you see your home base pop up in the distance. If it doesn't work, change direction and repeat. Beacons can also help in this case, place one down and like raise some ground in the direction your base was when you placed the beacon... of course this only works when you payed attention where you were coming from in the first place Keep driving for now, you'll find it eventually
  3. Hello Intromas, You should be able to find your saves at the following location, provided you are playing on a windows machine: C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames Enjoy
  4. Tao


    Definitely better performance than before, my savegame seems to run very decent at the moment where it was extremely slow/sluggish after some hours of playtime before the patch. Good job keep on keepin' on & happy holidays!
  5. Mmmm, odd, I'll let you know if I bump into similar issues MidnightKerfew. For now these steps seem to work best for my friends and me.
  6. Just checked, I'm at as well. No other (default branch) updates available.
  7. Tao

    Looking for co-op friend(s)

    Hi, not sure what's wrong in this case, this is the method my friends and I have been using so it should work.
  8. Tao

    Rover Gone on Restart

    Can confirm rover vanishing while plugged in to my base upon reloading savegame as well.
  9. If you modified it with vehicle bay I haven't found a way to remove them either (tried removing vehicle bay storage module from truck).
  10. Tao

    Oh where can my Copper be??????

    Hello, Please check the post above, and check forum in general for questions asked/answered to prevent double posts Have fun!
  11. Tao


    Hey, Take those objects to your base, build a crafting table with research module by using resin at the module port on your space pod. Dump one object on it and it will randomize research. You have to power the table with something like a solar panel pod (craft by using your backpack and a compound). Good luck
  12. Same here, and truck with storage module (from vehicle station) stacked with storage modules (from printer station) will also trip/glitch over the map and through the air. Storage module (from vehicle station) for truck seems to add instability when driving as well, without anything attached, maybe it's meant to handle this way but it seems off.
  13. Tao

    Tethers on Xbox

    Make sure it's on proper ground, not on rocks etc, and start from your spaceship. If you did all this it should work, otherwise it may be a bug. (try the dpad down *2 to put them down, i find this a bit faster to chain with)
  14. Tao

    Tethers on Xbox

    Just to be sure, I play with xbox controller on pc, it should work like this: 1. Use compound to craft tethers and keep them in a regular backpack slot. 2. Press directional pad down to start placing them and down again to confirm placement. Good luck