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  1. A friend of mine got me to get this game, and I really want to enjoy it, but every time I gear up to get some things done, my gateway kills me. I now have, sitting alone at my gateway chamber, three vehicles several backpacks dozens of tether packs and dwindling desire to play the game anymore. I really wanted to get my network going as part of my automation plans and not being dependent on the rocket for everything, at least not yet. But, it's several hours of work, get back to the network, die, and start again. Any update on this? From what I read, it might be multi player on dedicated server, but I hit it all the time. Steps to repo: Walk to or drive to surface base 5 Walk up on platform where gaze ball is do some things Walk off the platform Result: Take damage and die Let me know if you need a repro gif or video, I'd love to play some more, but not without a fix