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  1. Agree that survival elements are needed (at least as a something optional) You know, even if storms were not perfect why get rid of them and then not give anything as a replacement, for this long (option to turn them on/off seems perfect)
  2. It would be great to have option like this. Even if i personally like more asymmetric look.
  3. I think that it's more about making the game more approachable/accessible. I am sure that devs intended it to be exactly as it is right now. You know, i also don't like how powerful the compass is, and that there in no management around it (you don't need to put beacons anymore).
  4. I don't think that this is still that big of a problem as you are saying, cuz the recent energy rebalance helped with this a lot. RTG got nerfed because everything around got buffed. (even Medium Wind Turbine gives you 5.0 U/s right now) RTG costs a lot of bytes, and it's not much harder to print than new Large/XL solar panels or wind turbines that gives you much much more energy, if you have batteries to store it. It's still not perfect but building anything else than RTG makes sense (now), especially with increased energy demand of most base buildings. *Also Since this is end game item, that people look/grind for. Complicating it like that is not only unneeded nerf but also it would make those rtg fell less like rewards. (if you know what if mean, don't know how to explain it)
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/comments/mbltsa/different_tiers_of_organic_depending_on_the/
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/comments/mbisg9/digging_resources_right_onto_the_trailer_pipe/
  7. - The most common plants will give you "Common Organic", while smelted will give you 1 Unit of Carbon - Less common plants will give you "Unusual Organic" (Those would be found mostly on the surface of planets other than Sylva , and in the caves of all planets), while smelted will give you 2 Units of Carbon - Rare plants will give you "Occasional Organic" (Deep in the caves of all planets and rarely on the surface of Atrox), while smelted will give you 3 Units of Carbon *This could function as a buff for medium generator and small generator (i think that the "buff" will be very nice considering addition of the new QT-RTG) ❤
  8. I would love those mission to provide something for everyone, so beside helping in early game maybe there could be some end game challenges. To give a reason to build factories, or at least bit more complex mechanisms etc.
  9. Does this process look's familiar ? But Imagine something inspired but this: So... If you will be close enough you would be able to "connect" yours terrain tool with trailer through suction pipe. To transport all resources that you are going to mine right into those trailers. If those trailer are armed with storages those will be filled too (you will fill all empty space). If it would work in both direction so we could also use it to unload trailer!!! But it will be quite slow, so there still be a reason to use auto arms. I think that this could look and behave similarly to Cables, but more like a pipe attached /connected with trailer, through which the resources will be transported. Maybe using this should required energy either from vehicle or backpack. (this function will be very powerful and useful) Maybe this pipe could be made with glass (be transparent) so we could see the animation. *With the last photo... just use your imagination, pls *To activate hold F while aiming on trailer or something like this
  10. I always try to have this in mind, so it's not longer happening to me but it is a bit frustrating to always be cautious about it, kind of unnecessary. You're solution is okay, it's just that it could also be a little frustrating because each time player wants to move platforms around or place them for the first time. It will take more time now, because player will need to *hold F each time, instead of just clicking F.. You want to hold F to lock/unlock I would suggest hold F only to unlock
  11. *But it would be great if this could have more depth, like you proposed
  12. "Prioritizing items that player do have enough of resources to create" I would like to open a Printer and see *in the first place items that i am able to create right now. Not to be forced to scroll through the list almost each time. Here, I can create tractor but i still need scroll to find it, why? It such a waste of time (Especially if you already know the recipe) It could just pop up first *If you think that this is irrelevant. The more items will be added the bigger "mess" it will be, the harder it will be navigate. So it will not "only" help now but it will be also prevent this problem from becoming worse.
  13. Honestly, i would love to to have more seeds for different types of flora, plants, trees etc, purely for visuals I would like to have "not evil" type of plants, something nice and pleasant, and we could use trade platforms to get seeds. *But it would be great if this could have more depth.
  14. Yes and you can make auto-byte farm if you use the auto arms to grab small research samples and place them in research chamber, i like this more than auto scanning in vehicles. What is cool about it is the fact that the earlier you will do it the more advantageous it will be for you, but it will also be harder to build (gathering resources, transporting big items, energy, etc) At the end of the game is very easy, but the amount of bytes you get is very small. :) But If you make it somewhere around start of the game, the amount of bytes will be quite impressive, but it will be harder to build it.