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  1. Micro crafting: The items printable via player backpack should be mainly to deal with surface materials, which should be more scarce, and is upgradable via processing computers networking. The peg material 'blocks', consisting of smaller bits of the materials should be individually maluble, where an unfinished peg, say 10% would read 4/40 when hover selected, the amount the smelter bugs out and leaves over if it smelts 4ores into 4metals i think, lol. So when mining and finishing with an incomplete peg, it's slotted into the backpack as normal. The objects crafted by the backpack, say the wind vein, will still consist mostly of alum, but won't cost a full peg, it will require other materials though. Such as how a coper metal peg consists of small ingots, maybe 5copper bits 5 composite bits, 5resin bits and 15alum bits for the vein, maybe the pack opens barn door style to reveal craft slots, where storage is on inside of doors, crafting is on spine, and utility placment is on outside of doors with auxiliary storage if no utilities such as batteries are in use. The big printer, the big battery, requiring full pegs, and other large things feels right. ~@118
  2. Processing: "Your getting a little bibly-babbely with your terminal talk aec.." to which I tell you how your hieroglyphs are already so eloquent. Credit to xenominer the xbox360 arcade game, in which the printing complexity began at material production, due to a crashed ships processing power. Lol, geek heaven. A divulgence into my hub idea, an area navigatable through the first person implement, where a player opens and closes doors to a small enclosure, where benches can be made for micro crafting materials for computers and their storage and manipulation, or computers can be placed floor to ceiling to increase processing power or impliment a new utility such as interplanetary comms where one can request materials invite players and map via satellite?, And therefore track other players and get a better idea of their needs via base real-time view? Requesting material shipment from moon to planet, (4player max-charecter distinguished by suit color scheme, in terminal) would read out on a terminal or his uplink as a string of symbols, such as the ore and other material symbols already in use. ~@118
  3. Habitats: Exploration is dirty, ish. The tools don't do all the work, engineer. The start game capsule, dubbed a habitat, should be a more vital piece, I mean, co2 scrubbers be hailed!.. like, you launch from that space station, floaty vector perspectival speed shifting falling to the planet in third person, to when the atmosphere penatration causes the HUD zoom, and the habitats readouts are there,buttons and stuff. Scrubber co2 levels, speed, temperature, maybe manual steering for capsules, but ships use plotted computer courses where when being executed the HUD auto closes, showing the 3teir zoom of the third person perspective, able to re-toggle to manipulate filtering, possible thrusters for hardpoint solar panels on ships and dreamy stations. I think it would add a whole new level of emersion to the game. ~@118
  4. Aec118

    Ideas fps

    First person toggle situations: Manual hotkey toggle, for tunnels, 'in stride' base utility opperation(printer/smelter), vehicle calibration, base/terrain building/manipulation ect. Fp activation will zone in the player view point perspective to the character faceplate, and fix it to the character orientation, where a HUD will present, as if your getting closer to the HUD 'screen' zooming into the helmet during activation. Different polarized lenses craftable (night vision), integrated readouts terminal uplink ect. Possible vehicle controls? ~@118
  5. Aec118

    Different space ships

    Somewhat, yes. Read my post and tell me what you think about thrusters and plotted courses
  6. Aec118

    Improving the game

    Yes. Idk what animals are good for tho, meat is inefficient
  7. I was all stoked reading this thinking, randomly find a person and help them, gather resources and have abundance, lol, you go, steal some of their resources. Not the thing in space bro. Almost didn't continue to read and then you talk about moneys. I really dont think that's the games direction.. the art in My eye, attests to that.. your talking about a whole defensive impliment to fend off raids.. but I agree with random pairings like matchmaking, cloud saves idk how it'd work..
  8. Aec118

    Plethora of ideas

    Interstellar tier I'm hoping for, outer system comets astroid gass ringed and derilect disabled ships? The scope ideas yes!! Read my post if possible, life would be cool, but liquid is a thing if theres trees. They're implementing basic survival mechanics, but h2o condenser noice.
  9. Aec118

    Portable research station

    Mother ship construction, researchable, printed in orbit after launching space station modules, doesn't land, interstellar tier, lmao!
  10. Aec118

    Portable research station

    Yop. Last research default out of random should be crane tip that cracks em Later in game dev, tool becomes pretty cool, last thing
  11. Aec118

    Portable research station

    Definitely going for modularity here they're. Lol, but not so much portable as maluble with a crane tool I like.
  12. Aec118

    Add base building idea

    This type of enclosed environment accompanied by the third person view just requires some other type of player view point perspective thingy, and doesn't work with the one astroneer is using. Never played no man's sky and love astroneers style so much more aesthetically, from what I've seen.