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  1. i have the same problem. i'm not playing the experimental branch, just the regular one. on steam.
  2. my save was off-base somewhere. i drove back to my base and just saw my spaceship at the vehicle bay being halfway stuck in the surface. upon approaching closer it just fell through and is now lost forewer.
  3. i think a compass thats visible while inside a vehicle would be sufficient. even without compass you can easily identify east an west just by looking at the stars moving.
  4. - make them heavier: they seem to be too light in relation to the astroneer. on the moon they almost float away. and also on the arid planet they spend way too much time in the air. also some object still seem to almost tip them over like the crane. even with a fully loaded truck with a crane and stuff, the center of gravity should be the truck. - they slide too much, increase the friction - please give us an ordinary wasd control over the vehicle. right now, there's no clean option to break. - the movement of the vehicle often doesnt match the position of the wheels.
  5. upon loading my safe, which was made upon entering my truck, i spawned with the truck inside an already mined deposit. i could not move the truck, however battery was consumed. i was able to exit the truck, upon which the mineral deposit "plopped" back to its supposed state, how it was mined, thus freeing my truck and myself.
  6. if you mine something with the drillhead, and the storage space on your vehicle space is full, the currentliy mined resource A drops of half-finished, when you suddenly mine resource B. makes sense that it drops to the floor and also that it's half finished, however you then cant pick it up by hand. this happens quite often when you have intertwining mineral deposits and your drillhead is quickly mining both of the resources.
  7. i noticed that the planet that has a moon is really close to it. so maybe you could build two bridges from each, and as they both rotate with their planet, hop over once they meet? that would be awesome XD.
  8. upon loading a save, the backpack items float a bit too far from it. happens every time. the can be grabbed and put back into their normal place, so no game breaker.
  9. +1. my fps decreases a lot too with bigger base and more tethers. my cpu (3570k) is always at 100, which is fine, but i feel it's a bottleneck, even though it's well within the hardware specs.
  10. this is amazing, it means we could actually build a dyson sphere around the sun and harvest all its energy :D.