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  1. There are things like ships that I don't want and I have to have sit somewhere. There are also the bases to those drop pods all about. How about being able to destroy them? While we're at it, how about the ability to move the bases of the drop pods after they've been opened?
  2. How about a mod for the crane that allows me to carry big things that cannot be boxed or compressed, or even just anything so I don't have to waste resources? How about so I can carry a platform already loaded with things?
  3. I think it would be nice if the crane could take mods, for example, I could use the crane to harvest a lot of plant material really fast.
  4. I'd really like to be able to build flat, and smooth surfaces, especially over large areas. This can be an expensive mod for the terraine tool.
  5. I created a large bridge up into space. Eventually, you can go so high that you can not make any more land. When you get close to the upper limit and you jump, you become stuck. The only way I can see to escap is to commit suicide. Also, the game will just randomly crash after a while. I attach my save game to this. If you open it, you'll see my bridge halfway complete. I spent an hour on it so all that construction is gone. However, you'll see how to build all the way up. AWESOME 1$2021.02.04-20.24.40.savegame