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  1. I'm playing via Steam, on a dedicated server. The first time I get into the tractor works fine, but subsequent attempts cause the tractor to flip over. Quit the game and fire it up again and I can enter the tractor again, once, before the flipping starts again. Got frustrated and quit. Came back to it today, and learned that if have 3 fully ladden trailers they can keep it from catching much air, but it still tries. I can't really handle having to quit and relaunch every time I try to do a round trip in the tractor. I'm only 10 hours into the game, but I'm done unless I can find the answer, so any help or advice would be welcome. I did find one other person post a similar issue, but over a year ago, with no replies, so I've got a sinking feeling. But they also got sent right into orbit, so hoping it's something else. TIA for any advice.