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  1. My shelter automation on Atrox. Can you count how many zebra balls are in the picture?
  2. How do you like my garden? Can you tell which planet this is?
  3. Floating mushroom on Glacio. Do mushrooms think or feel?
  4. I made a short video about an idea I had of how we can use a miniaturizer to transport large crates. I feel conveyor belts are not the right style for Astroneer. Here is my video:
  5. Does anyone use the starting landing pad to store random resources?
  6. I had an idea about automating the Exo Request Platform and made a video about it:
  7. Out of graphite and rover has one spot left, which one will you choose?
  8. A plant at Glacio core shooting exploding spheres into the air due to low gravity.
  9. Found at the Glacio core these research items give 12k bytes each.
  10. Hi System Era Team, I made a YouTube playlist where I post Astroneer game ideas, see here: I like the recent additions like automation and enjoy the events and would like to see more of them. Let me know if you have questions, Dieter