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  1. I'm not on Xbox, but from what I have heard, I believe people are having issues with this feature...
  2. I'm assuming you are talking about getting this game on the Windows store, which if you are, just a few months probably. If you are looking to get the game from Steam, Xbox cross-play is not likely. And my guess is that there won't be dedicated cross-play servers, because of the way the game works at the moment where you aren't on a server, but directly connecting to friends and other players.
  3. Are there any plans or consideration to create a mobile app for the forums? I know the forums aren't massive or anything, but I would definitely download an app so I can stay in the Astroneer community while I'm out on the go!
  4. Merry Christmas to System Era and everyone else on the forums here! Enjoy exploring your worlds but don't forget to say hi to your family and friends once and a while!
  5. Great catch! This also can be a good notice to everyone who is signing up and using these forums NOT to use the same password as your email or other personal accounts until HTTPS is implemented!
  6. Just want to say thank you guys for being so vocal and cooperative with the patches and progress of your game. It is a very settling feeling to know that this game you have created was worth my $20, and you have already given enough support that I'd be willing to buy the game again on my Xbox at full release! Thank you System Era <3
  7. a) Structure tool b) A tool that allows more exact smoothing and flattening of walls and poly surfaces, allowing the OCD perfectionist to get that perfect base without the stress or frustration c) Requires Aluminum (or something else) to craft, and uses power at about the same rate as the terrain tool currently.
  8. Push the game to its limits! Try and build giant space spires and massive underground tunnel systems! Try to make the perfect polygonal base!
  9. Posting so this gets noticed! I already got the soundtrack for the game (because it's that awesome) but I hope someone who wants it gets it! Good luck everyone!
  10. Someone just found Sputnik! https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/comments/5jf8th/i_found_sputnik/?ref=share&ref_source=link
  11. Temper

    Low Fps Problem

    Yeah, I still get the same performance. My advice is to try what Sumatra said, as well as trying to access the config file!
  12. The little easter eggs in this game are just amazing. Goes to show how detail and style can really make a game go far...
  13. Good suggestion. I would like some customizability when it comes to using different tools and etc. in the game! +1 from me on this one.
  14. The thing is, this game definitely has some sort of bug with performance. I have a GTX 970 and an i7-6700k, yet my performance is shoddy, and it feels like it's running at under 30 FPS (maybe there is just an FPS cap, but they shouldn't have one). I have even read that someone with a GTX 1080 on the subreddit is getting similar performance.