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  1. I have created an instance where from the starting point I have immediately tunneled underground. My goal is to leave the surface of every planet pristine and create a kind of "touring" instance where the only goal is to load up with tanks and jetpacks and just jet around and explore. I am building mountain top "stop overs" with caches of hydrazine and oxygenators so you can keep flying around and going from place to place and then stopping to pickup fuel and O2 when you need to. I'm planning on building a race track underground and a couple of other attractions, but I'd like to be able to restrict people from being able to deform the terrain so I don't have to worry about someone messing up anything. Would that be possible? Would it be possible to extend editing rights to certain people in my friends list so they could come in and help me build, but then have everyone else load in with say no terrain tool?
  2. The current filter is great, but would it be possible to have a switch or something on the autoarm that reverses the filter? So instead of only picking up the resource slotted it will pick up any resource EXCEPT the one slotted?
  3. I was trying to have an autoarm remove a gas canister from the chem lab and return it to a medium gas container, but the arm won't lock on to the canister with or without a filter in place. Is that the intended behavior?