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  1. I've just been able to open one of the capsule on the surface of Sylva with a piece of Laterite. I guess this bug could be now solved then, maybe thanks to one of the latest update...
  2. Update about this issue: the EXO containers in the core of Sylva seem not to be affected in my case. I was able to open a couple of them with Nitrogen.
  3. Unfortunately, it seems this forum is not condiered by game devs anymore... it's a few weeks I don't see any interest... a bit sad.
  4. For me on Glacio, the ones that require power work correctly. To further support this "planet based" rather than "capsule type specific" issue, I can say that today I was able to correctly open a resource capsule on Desolo with one item of lithium. Summarizing my case (what I can confirm this far): - on Sylva and Glacio, any resource container I've tried (3 or 4 per planet) have the issues as described in this thread - on Desolo and Novus, the capsules I've found worked correctly - I have not found issues in the power requiring capsules (today I also found and documented this other issue: maybe you also have this?)
  5. Steam Build: I found this issue today, but I suspected it since a while. I did some trial and can confirm this issue is consistent. I can't see any of my landing pads any more from space (I'm sure I could see them before). Beacon are visible, but landing pads are not. As you may imagine, this is quite an issue (my work around for now is placing a beacon near the landing pads, when I remember, but I guess this defeats a bit the purpose of the landing pad...). Today I've tried to re-deploy my landing pads on Atrox, Novus and Desolo, making sure every time to open it when the light is green. I can't see any of them from orbit. It may be just an impression... but it would seem to me that maybe it is rendered with a wrong icon... what I mean is... it seems that where there should be a landing pad (and the stem with the blue icon) there are instead two overlapped (but slightly skewed) "landing bubbles"... I may post a screenshot if needed to render this idea.
  6. It happened to me once more on Sylva. So I guess this bug is related to the planet, not to a specific capsule.
  7. Today I've seen this issue again on Sylva. The capsule ate up one laterite, but didn't open. Applying a second one turns the circle blue, doesn't consume the resource but doesn't open the capsule either. However, I was actually able to open one capsule on Desolo with no problem with one sphalerite.
  8. I believe I have the exact same problem. The capsule on Glacio eat up the resource you put on it, but doesn't open. I tried putting a second resource, the circle around the slot becomes blue, as if the resource is recognized, but the capsule doesn't open and the resource is not consumed. I've tried this with 2 different capsules. See screenshots below: I've tried this only on Glacio thus far. I think I did not see this issue on other planets, but I haven't explored them all, yet, and I'm pretty sure I've tried opening caspule requiring resource only on Sylva. What should I do next? Is there a way to fix it?