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  1. Hi! Thanks for your report. We've not been able to reproduce this issue in the office. It's very likely it's an issue applying certain graphical settings when you hit the apply button, and since we can't reproduce it I suspect the issue is with your specific GPU hardware or driver. Can you run "dxdiag" and send us the report? Thanks!
  2. Hi Djeyson, This patch improves a significant portion of the performance issue. If you find the game slowing down gradually as you play over several hours, this patch should drastically improve or eliminate that issue. If the game is already running slow right after loading your save, this patch is unlikely to help that, and we'll be continuing to work on the scaling issues that can affect persistent objects in saved games.
  3. Hi guys, we're going to get the Xbox and Windows Store updated ASAP. I would love to have it in before Christmas but once we have the code ready, it's largely beyond our direct control, and may take several business days. I promise we haven't forgotten Xbox!
  4. A fix for this issue has been pushed to the main branch! Build version! Be sure to reboot steam to get it immediately. Full change notes will be posted on the blog in the morning.
  5. Just to be clear, beta does not YET have the fix. It does have other fixes. Will let you know when the freeze fix becomes available.
  6. Hi guys! We've finally identified the "freeze" issue, and we have a fix in the pipe! Stay tuned, watch the beta branch for updates. We just updated it with a number of crash fixes. Beta will move over to main by morning.
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for the reports. I read every crash dump and email you send to the support@ alias. When posting here, please be sure to mention which build number you last experienced the issue with.
  8. Hi guys, This isn't a crash, the game's frame rate drops so low that it appears frozen, and it appears to be some bad interaction with particular users' hardware configuration. To help us track the issue, please send us your full system diagnostics reports produced by the "DxDiag" tool. This tool comes with all versions of windows since Vista. Simply run the app, and click the "Save All Information" button, then send us the text file output to This issue is a top priority for us.