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  1. I have a feeling that they left the fuel so easily obtainable is so that people can get to the other planets more easily to test out space travel and the environments of the other planets. I do not doubt that they will look over the balance of fuel and trading. That said it seems a bit counter-intuitive to be arguing why people shouldn't discuss a specific suggestion in the subform for discussing suggestions... so, I'll keep that going. I also feel that there needs to be another step in getting the rocket fuel, straight from electricity to hydrazine is a bit too easy and makes having the naturally forming areas of hydrazine virtually pointless. Adding a requirement of hydrazine crystals though would require a more permanent source than just constantly going out to search for it. Maybe eventually much later in the development, they could have permanent blocks (like with oxygen/energy/compound/resin) that you can create a path to or even (with an advanced research) create a device that essentially causes a "pipeline" of the resource to automatically get sent to your condenser. Ideas!