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  1. Bought the game and was loving it. Playing with my friend and got pretty far. Was going to Novus to get Iron (which was the last thing we needed to start atmospheric gathering) and I went to land and my ship caught a ledge on a randomly generated hole into the planet and would not land. I got no options to bounce back to orbit or get out of the ship, no unstuck or anything like that, the menu was also extremely laggy and would barely respond. My friend tried to fly to the planet to maybe dig out under my ship so it could land and save me and not only was my landing zone that I selected no longer an option on the planet to him but my ship was still in orbit for him so he couldn't even see me even had he tried to land. I alt+f4 to try and quit without saving to revert to before I left for that planet but it saved apparently. When I relaunched and reloaded I appeared to be without a character and with zero control hovering in the dead center of the planets core in near pitch black, the menu was still horribly laggy and I couldn't do anything but move the camera. I then found the unstuck in the menu (since it worked a bit better now) and respawned to the starting base but over an hour or twos worth of gathering and preparation to move planet, including the medium ship and everything on it, all my mods and everything on my person were just gone forever. I am honestly not sure I can go back and play again after that I cannot stand losing progress to unavoidable things like that. Is there any way to revert my save back or is it only one rotating save that overrides constantly?