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  1. Wow it's been such a long time since I saw that video, I didn't realise how much things had changed. How do we get this game??? it must exist, that vid looks like ingame so there must be a code version with all that still in??? The current game is great and all, but after re-watching that vid it seems to be a shadow of it's former self, why did we get the simplified version? was it dumbed down for consoles? I appreciate it may not have worked quite as seemlessy as the video showed, but this is EA after all, bugs and broken bits are expected! I'm worried now
  2. Sure hunger adds to the "survival" aspect but if it's to add a little more realism then as long as I can got 2-3 days without eating and no repercussions, other than a few loud tummy rumbles, then go for it? personally I find it difficult to believe that my spacesuit has such a short air supply, have they not heard of re-breathers in this future? it seems to be there just for "gameplay reasons"tm IRL I fast for one day each week, I live a fairly active lifestyle and I definitely do not die of hunger within a few hours of waking on my no-food days nor on the morning after my fasting day (s
  3. Ha yes that's it. Although I think I played it on the apple IIe wow they don't make games like that anymore.... ;-)
  4. its not so much that you smooth before you put the resin, but you must build or dig underneath it until the umbilical is perfectly horizontal. Then place the resin Once you have built them you can flatten the ground around it
  5. Check this forum post for more info about how to use the satellite, don't look if you want to work it out yourself.
  6. I thought the latest patch was supposed to make unattached tethers inactive?
  7. Cool ;-) can you take the giant resources off and do they shrink back down?
  8. Thanks for this, will try out tonight to see if this "truck jumper lead" fixes the stations permanently. I have got two that don't work.
  9. Had this happen while exploring a big cave system, was miles underground had a bunch of energy on storage racks on my truck, and hadn't noticed it wasn't using the mined energy. They would not work on the truck directly either, i.e. not through a storage rack, nor when in my backpack. Luckily found a some energy crystals not too far from the truck and was able to get home using those
  10. Aha, I was wondering why everything else drops at your feet, but when inv open its like its on a spring ejector and lands some distance away.
  11. We could make millions as fortune tellers, except I forgot the xbox guys with the "is this for xbox?, how does xbox get patch? Plus a new group of "Hey here is another bug I found, which may or maynot have a dozen other threads already but thought I would put it here instead" And in the interest of staying OT and joining the crowd ;-) I have now had a chance to play with the new patches and yes a definite improvement when creating mega tether networks. and I like that they go dark when disconnected, Thanks Devs
  12. So yeah are new patch notes going to be edited into the OP or spread throughout the hundreds of " awsome!/ cant wait till I get it! /why didnt you fix this problem ???/ it's still broke/ duh it's EA " messages which are bound to clog this thread up
  13. Hmm I thought the sliding was a feature I try to make all my mineshafts as smooth as possible so I can slide all the way to the bottom...
  14. Wow so this is just a normal USB controller? surely there must be a way to keybind this command, maybe in the ini file somewhere????
  15. I think there is an item you can craft called a Hydrothermal I guess you could put it on a geyser and make power???