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  1. This latest patch seems to have fixed this problem even though it is not specifically listed on the bug fixes as part of this patch.
  2. It didn't seem to be planet specific. I just make my main base on Glacio. I did notice that other containers on other planets did not work when putting a resource on the container. But, has anyone noticed if the ones that require power do not work?
  3. I found it is also not working with Laterite on Novus.
  4. I think the problem is the difference in extracting the resources with the terrain tool vs the extractor. As you know, the terrain tool "excavates" the soil with the resources giving a visually depleted area but the extractor does not "extract" soil and I think that is where the problem exists. But then I don't have access to the code so I can't say for sure but I'm positive the problem is along those lines.
  5. the glitch that people are exploiting is that the extractor isn't actually "depleting" the resource it is on top of correctly. That is why you can lift up the extractor and put it back down and the bar will be green again. You are effectively resetting the extractor and the way the extractor sees it, it has just been put down on a fresh resource. As far as I can tell the green bar has nothing to do with the actual resources extracted but is a calculation of the "sensed" richness of the "vein" of resources. Remember that the extractor is supposed to give a 15:1 on resources from a vein. T
  6. there are two conditions that will give no on/off state, one is no power applied and two is the extractor detects no resources. If there is a green bar but no on/off state then the extractor is detecting no resources under it so that would mean that the green bar that is showing is just a visual glitch. I have noticed this if the extractor glitch is used to extract more resources from a source by lifting and then replacing the extractor. So what you are seeing is a glitch caused by exploiting another glitch.
  7. As far as I am concerned the extractor worked perfectly until this last update. I only cared that it did it's job extracting and storing, everything else is just a visual glitch IMO. Right now it doesn't collect anything if you are a significant distance away from it.
  8. picking up and setting down is not a fix for the long pause, it does however fix what you are talking about - the extractor stops when there is a green bar still. What I am talking about is different from that. I have seen what you are talking about and I am considering submitting that as a bug also.
  9. Ok, here is the save file. I went and tested the save on my computer to see if the containers are still bugged and they are. I have marked the locations of the containers on Glacio with Orange beacons. BuggedAmmonium$2020.12.28-07.36.26.savegame
  10. I am trying to get the file now but it may not be until tomorrow
  11. I would but I do not have admin rights to the server, it's OneLastMidnight's server, the patreon one.
  12. I tested this bug on two containers on Desolo that require Sphalerite and these containers opened as expected
  13. Exo Research containers on Glacio that require Ammonium to open are bugged. I have found multiple containers that will "absorb" the ammonium when placed on the receptacle but will not open afterwards. It seems to be limited to the containers that require Ammonium and not the ones that require power to open. I have not tested this on other planets and this is on a multi-player server run by Nitrado. I have tried digging around the container to shift its position and nothing changed. I've tried blowing the container up but the TNT would not stick to the container and only blew up the groun
  14. The Auto Extractor is pausing for a long time after a resource is collected. This appears to be slowing the rate that the extractor produces resources. Also, this may be linked to why the extractor fails to collect resources when not in render distance. Please see attached youtube video to see the pausing.