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  1. I take the battery out of mine and put it back. This works. The mouse is Logitec and red star (mouse can be remapped to different usb dongles) compatible. Removing the mouse dongle and plugging it back in does nothing. It seems to happen less, when I disable the builtin touchpad. I also have an xbox controller with the pc compatibility dongle, and once I jiggled the left stick and the mouse started working again, but this only happened 1 time, so this may be coincidental.
  2. I just lost over an hour of progress! I've never played such a buggy game.
  3. Using the terrain tool to level out the base. I watched a medium storage with an RTG on it, fall right into the ground I had just used the terrain tool on. It's strange in that it fell as though it was teetering on the edge of a cliff, but it was all solid ground in appearence. I tried digging right where the medium storage was. I went down to the limit of the Terrain Tools's digging range, and all I found was green terrain. Solid ground isn't so solid I guess. I'm beginning to think the terrain tool, when using the ctrl key, just levels the top of the ground, and creates holes tha
  4. I've had this happen with other items, not just vehicles. I was just about to go to another planet. I just printed my solid fuel rocket and put it down and it disappeared.
  5. Me too. The resources fall right into solid ground! I've seen this with my own eyes. Lenovo y510p win8.1 16 gigs ram, gt750m Nvidia card.
  6. I've had this issue myself, if you try and drill underground and hit a cave, you will fall a little, then you will hang if you have any kind of a trailer. Trying to go back up is impossible. What I've done a few times with various levels of success is get out of the vehicle to clear the blockage (usually something blocking a wheel of any trailer) with your terrain tool. But it's impossible to go back up. This makes the drill basically unusable on any vehicle. It WOULD have been a great way to gather soil, it's just that you usually wind up in a cave, because you cant go up. It's all related to
  7. Playing on on ideapad y510p win81, 16 gigs ram, gt750m nvidia card. Sometimes, items fall right through the ground. This particular piece of ground was created using the terrain tool using the control key. I've lost a medium storage and a solid fuel thruster due to this bug. The medium storage I watched fall through the ground.