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  1. I didn't find anything when I did a search. I probably didn't search properly. I still like my post because it make a suggestion for a small easy change, pretty much just using the functionality that already exists, to fix it. Although it's probably too long. Let's face it, when do you ever need the resource canisters to spill out to all storage?The only thing I can think of is when you want to empty the canister. All other times you just want the resource to sit in the output slot ready to be used.
  2. Finally used Resource Canisters for the first time and I find I can't use them as I'd like too. Normally I would have the Centrifuge, Chem Lab, Small and Medium Printer and as much storage as possible on an Extra Large Platform C. I was hoping to use maybe a couple of resource canisters on the platform but if I have them in output mode they output all their resources onto any spare storage and if I have them in input mode the machines on the platform can't access the resources. Thinking about it, I realize they don't work as they should. Here are 2 examples of the way I've seen them used