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  1. I have currently launched a shuttle three times. Upon landing all three times when I exit the shuttle my character falls through the terrain. Luckily I survived all three times and made it back to my shuttle.
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Happened to me several times on Xbox One. I figure its about a 50/50 shot of falling through the terrain every time it happens.
  3. A few ideas listed for possible implementation General: Allow saved games to be deleted Allow naming of saved games More character customization (Colors, Different shaped helmets etc...) Base: Allow base Stations to be demolished Shelter base Station/Stations to wait out storms (Digging a hole to hide in is fun but gets old). Remote base Station hub. Can attach 2 Stations to hub. (Uses possibly include remote research or remote smelting). Must be attached to main base with tethers. (Or tracks if implemented). Base Station foundations (Saw this in another post). Allow changing of base colors (Maybe even a list of 6 main and 6 secondary colors). Personal: Compass module to show direction (Crafted at a printer) could possibly allow a mini-map to pop up when installed on the backpack or while in a vehicle if installed on the vehicle. One use jetpack module to get you out of an accidental fall/ access places. (Crafted at the Printer station). Easier way to transport Artifacts. For the life of me I cannot get them to attach to my backpack and have to cursor carry them all the way home. Allow naming of beacons when placed. IE: Compound, Artifact etc.... Vehicle: Aircraft (For flying around the planet). Train (For transporting goods between home base and remote base). [Tracks could act like tethers and also be able to run up/down slopes]. I will add more as I play the game. Jauxes