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  1. Uhhh, yes? You might be one of the people the drop zone was made for. You use the small fab to make medium platforms and the medium fab. If that wasn't your question, you can use it to make more medium platforms and medium fabs for more / bigger bases. I do agree that the drop zone sticks out like a sore thumb. It looks super cool, but is ultimately worthless and just gets in the way.
  2. I'd say the crafting process does need to be streamlined somewhat. For instance, I don't see the purpose of the medium printer now that we have the medium fabricator, since they're both "printers" that use exactly two material, and I'd just as soon everything be done by the fabricator since it looks so much better. Same going upward. I'd like to see a large fabricator replace the vehicle assembly machine and have it handle all 4 material prints down the line. Personally I still didn't find the crafting very complicated at all. Actually, I found the "supply drop" kinda patronizing. Like "o
  3. Splitting discussion from another thread. Anyway, from what I can tell, our intrepid astroneer has been marooned in this solar system by some outside force. My reasoning is as follows. Astronauts typically don't have to scavenge for materials -> I'm marooned I got to find materials to get off this planet Engineers typically don't need to build a blueprint database from scratch -> I'm marooned, I got to recover blueprints so I can build stuff. Space agencies typically don't crash loads of space craft into planets -> something is marooning spacecraft on the planet
  4. Well, the fact that this is a survival-ish game lends to that idea. But we're getting a bit outside the scope of this thread, so I'll make a relevant one.
  5. I think this problem stems from the general abundance of safety nets in the game. If you can't find research pods, you research materals; if you can't get materals, turn dirt into materals, if you want different materials, trade them for something else. (who the heck is a marooned astroneer trading with)? I'd like to see all these things either removed or toned down to encourage more exploration. Not to the point of frustration, mind you. A player who is planning ahead should always have options available to them, but I don't think you should be able to brute force your way through the game if
  6. Sure, variation is a good thing; but I'd like to argue that this isn't minecraft, and the majority of content should be on the planet's surface. Also, my main gripe is the devs are going further in a direction that I already know I don't like. Do you really enjoy the exploding plants, or the homing acid plants, or the spike plants? Wouldn't the game actually be better if they weren't included? Then why are we taking the path of "make more hazardous flora." Sure, make more variation, put it everywhere, make it fun to interact with and nice to look at; but my first thought when I see something s
  7. I've recently come to the conclusion that Astroneer is more fun to play without tethers and a large oxygen tank. I wanted to see how Astroneer would feel if I wasn't constrained to be connected to base by a tether umbilical. So I exploited the system to get me a ton of titanium and built a four oxygen tanks. I recovered the tethers on the western side of my base and decided to venture out using only the oxygen I had stored on my back. First run: ran off in a random direction, decided to climb a mountain, just for the heck of it. Made it to the top of the mountain, there's compound up
  8. Ok, so I recently watched the Vlog 025, where they were showcasing some experimental aggressive flora. This thing down there. And can I just say. No, please no. The name of the game isn't Plants vs. Astroneers. The few 'agressive' flora in the game right now are more annoying than anything. However, that's only because they are rather incapable of doing anything other than slowing me down the few seconds it takes me to remove them with my 40-foot pole called the terrain deformer. Anything more capable than them will be outright infuriating. I distinctly remember the de
  9. I think this might be an issue of being able to efficiently navigate in Astroneer, due namely to the short draw distances. I often find that I've walked past resource nodes very close to my base without noticing them because things are constantly popping in and out of view.
  10. If you spawn down in a flat plane where you can expand your base easily, that's about as good as you get. The game always spawns generous amounts of starting materials around your base, you just got to look for them. Next, find a cave and get some iron and copper ore, and you have the majority of things you need. As for spawning a buggy, that kinda removes from the sense of accomplishment you get from making one, and also makes you focus on your immediate surroundings. I do like the idea of "crashlanding" on the planet with a handful of supplies already on your person though.
  11. As noted above here's Roundabout how I feel. Much better than the old system. I like being in control of the research and each piece of tech has a greater feeling of accomplishment attached to it. Plus, it fixed the broken gameplay look of ferrying dozens of research modules to base (especially from caves) to feel like any progress was being made. Automation. Please include it. At least the very bare bones of it, because the current base infrastructure can't support the power demands of the new research center. I have to constantly refill generators if I want any research to get do
  12. This is more of a lack of fail-safes than a bug. As you know, when you smelt multiple ores at a time, when one ingot finishes it jumps off the main output to one of the side slots; however if those are full, it seems that the smelter consumes the ore without making an ingot. This bug occurs when you make space for an ingot midway through smelting. The ingot stuck on the output jumps to a side slot and the remainder of the ore is processed into an incomplete ingot. This ingot is unusable and unselectable. I would recommend that smelting is only allowed when the necessary amount of slots are emp