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  1. U can make nice flat walls using alignment mod basically use alignment mode and make a wall while staying still then disable the mode then use that wall with normal flat mode for making a flat wall
  2. Well Tho I was thinking about it and yea They are pretty much useless for me besides it's basically bread crumb so I can go back to home from long travel. I think if u can chance the icon for the material pictures Like for graphite so I can mark down some ore veins or some machines.The biggest annoying part about it for me about beacons was changing the color if u add materials pls add a way to change beacon marker using a sample.. or even better u can change the marker to machine pictures by sticking on to a machine like furnace so it's icon will set to that machine and maybe we should dupe the beacon icons using other beacons etc.
  3. So guys me and my friend was playing in a save file and after 2 day of playing other games we decided to go play it again. But I couldn't join him and it kept happen then I told him to create a new world then I was able to join him the funny part is he can join to my world I can join to his other worlds then I told him to send the save file to me and it stated the game and I was able to play it then my friend tried to join but he was unable to so I think world file is corrupt for a some way and we don't wanna trash our all of the progress we made so is there any way to recover the save file?
  4. wowowowo really nice and all I think this idea can work real nicely and maybe meteor showers for the moon's that can spawn resources?
  5. a compass for mod slot could be really usefull for navigating on a planet if it can be placed on the utility slots it can be the best but pls dont make it too expensive I think if we can craft using zinc I think it's a nice deal
  6. Ty for your drawing tho mate I loved it and it inspired me tho I think monitor can be another attachment like the sonar itself. like this
  7. If there was a way to travel between solar systems I think it could be really cool. I just tought about it but I think U need complex resources and materials to build a space station orbiting the star of the current system and when the preps are done u can jump in to an other system and after your arrival your base could act like a temporary Base flying around the orbit.(or u could have add a sotry bit like u need to repoair your starting ship etc. etc.) and lets say you are generating random start system using an algorithm it could have been a lot of fun. ( and even the starting map could be randomised U may use a scanner to scan them to see basic resources or atmospheric composition.) Random part is really hard to make tho Don't get me wrong tho I dont wanna see Astroneer to transform in to another game I just want more things to do in this game...
  8. Well I think if there was a way to freely travel between space station or a way to automate the resource handling yeah space station can be usefull but Astroneer not Factorio nor Oxygen Not Included This game is so chill and simple I think adding complexity could destroy the game idea... Thing is I love automation and handling a lot of resources makin long and complex systems but Astroneer is simple yet magical. It's more about the adventure. Btw if there was a way to travel between solar systems yeah a station makes a lot of sense. I just tought about it but I think U need complex resources and materials to build a space station orbiting the star of the current system and when the preps are done u can jump in to an other system and after your arrival your base could act like a temporary Base flying around the orbit.( I Loved this idea tho I'm Posting as another suggestion :D)
  9. What about a holo map where we can see our self on it? I dont want a interface but I want a placeable thing that works as map where u can place to ground or top of a platform or a vehicle. Imprevoement ideas: For flexibility it may show other players ,maybe bases and it may show vehicles runing around the planets etc. so it can be cool toy for multi player but it should draw nice power and it should not be small toy. For hardnees it can be expansive or player need to launch a rocket for it to work so when ever player wents to other planets he will be in work for making a special satellite for this Holo Map Other Thing to think about is Size I think making it small should ruin it so I think it should be a 4 or 2 size device with a nice power consumption. So player only gonna use it when they really wanna observe something. and using it in cars will be harder than ever if it became like that. Other idea my Other idea was a Sonar Emitter and Sonar Reciver so what will happen is u will press The C/V to launch a sonar wave (which will consume nice amount of power) and Sonar Reciver will show the result on your other should so u will have a mini map with out makin it op. and it will be usefull for vehicles too as u can place them on the C/V slots of the vehicle or a teammate of yours can navigate u using that thing Dont Forget my all ideas about not using a real interface so all of those maps should be kept as a item works on slots like a wind mill.
  10. I was giving a break to the game and now I started re playing it I just saw there is some info at the research pad and I was like cool cos I ussually go to wiki if I want information and I tought I dont need to go to wiki for any basic thing I guess than I saw the platform info at the pad and I was like why al of them are same? I think System Era should add a simple info at the platforms more than it can provide oxygen this info can be stored in to the oxygenator. What was in my head is Lets say u are wanna research platform "Extra Large Platform C" the description should say "it contains 1 Extra Large Slot and 2 Large Slots" or "it contains 1 8 Doted Slot and 2 4 Doted Slots" etc. I think it's so simple and can increase qol nicely.