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  1. I recently had the idea of shelter interiors, you will basically be able to go inside the shelters, and walk around in them, there would be a few things astronauts usually have in stations, rations (Not saying food should be added, but just as decor), and such. Then the shelters would also be more fun to have/build, since you would be able to do more than just sit in them.
  2. I don't understand, I've seen it on multiple posts, you just comment a plus sign, why?
  3. I see how trains could be useful for long distance transport for materials and base pieces, but I don't see how space stations would be useful. Could you elaborate on that idea? (I am not a developer of the game, I am just curious.)
  4. Hello System Era, I have a suggestion about the airvents found in the game, maybe placing a wind turbine above one would cause it to rotate if air/steam is coming out of it? I thought it could be useful both for survival because of power needs, and as a little neat feature so the airvents have more of a purpose, or maybe a module that could be placed on top of airvents, and when air comes out of it, energy would be generated? I will also add an image of a drawing of what it could probably look like. (Apologies, I have an artblock, so the drawing might look quite bad.)