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  1. Beacons are handy, that's for sure. But they suffer painfull limitations so far, so here ideas which could - I hope - improve them. 1) not enough colors so far there is 5 colors (Blue, green, orange, Violet, Red, yellow, Black). Plus 3 ohter in different hue (dark blue, dark Violet and dark green). That not enough and difference between hue are not always distinct. So, why not add more colors, like: brown, grey, white (not sure for this one), pink, transparent, etc. 2) contrast/transparency with backgroung When you look at beacon from a distance, thus they are located in the sky, it(s difficult to identify which (especially for Black). Difference between a beacon color and the background should be clear from any point of view. 3) Tag height Am I the only one to notice that triangled tags (home, rocket) height is less that the rounded ones (all beacons) ? Thus they are seen from a lesser distance. 4) Text tags What I'm really dream of is.... Being able to add text to beacon ! Not necessarily a huge paragraph, 10 to 20 characters should be enough. Theses characer should be upper case, lower case, and symbols .;/:!§?,*-/+#"'()=[]@~&{}{`<>%£€° Other players, What's your opinion ?