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  1. I've played off and on since early access launch but it had been quite awhile since I'd last played before this week, and I've got to say the game has grown by leaps and bounds! I've found that my favorite moments in the game are still jumping in a rover and driving across the surfaces of the planets, but I feel like there isn't much reward to that. Some planets have a pretty high amount of surface research objects, and surface resource patches are nice to come across, but past that I feel like the best option for progression is still subterranean. I think there could be a couple more things to encourage surface exploration and traveling from place to place on a single planet. I'm acknowledging a lot of these would be sizable additions to the game, on par with something like the Exploration Update, but I'm hoping they might be some things that spur some conversation internally. Large Quantity Resource Nodes - The idea for these are already in the game in the form of the salvage Satellite Solar Panels. I think it'd be awesome to have nodes for planetary resources scattered across the surface, but unlike the solar panels they would be immovable. Add a moderate energy draw, high output extractor that you build on these nodes that constantly create resources. Basically I'm envisioning a long haul trucking route where you hit 4 or 5 different nodes with a rover to collect storage silos that have filled up over the course of a few days. Distress Beacons for crashed satellites - I like the crashed satellites/rockets having more rare resources on them, but I feel like they're a little too random in finding them. I think it'd be great to have some crashes that have high value items, or resources that are non-native to the planet, that have a distress beacon for you to follow. You could find them with a detector on your rover or suit that articulates like the small solar panel to point at the nearest distress beacon. You could also bury them and have a bit of a treasure hunt since you have an idea of where the beacon is from the detector. Abandoned Bases - I think coming across 1 or 2 abandoned bases per planet that have been overgrown with hazardous flora could be interesting. Make them predominately filled with debris, but having 1 or 2 functional pieces of mid tier technology like atmospheric extractors or soil centrifuges could be interesting. They wouldn't be easily movable until you're likely at the technology level to make them yourself, so might encourage using the abandoned base as a secondary base, or traveling back and forth to make more rare resources early.