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  1. I just wanted to report this bug. It's not game breaking and it's more of an annoyance. but while in orbit once you click the button that says launch to another planet, and you get put into the system wide view, after you choose a planet to fly to and it takes you back to the view of your spaceship the planet is no longer visible only the atmosphere. and this will happen to each and every planet one by one until they are literally all disappeared and there's nothing but spheres of atmosphere left. once you land everything is there. so basically by the time I get done playing everyday all of th
  2. I recently went to Calidor for the first time and got on my vehicle and attempted to start Paving roads and started getting stuck in random places. you're a few times I had to respawn in my home base and fly back out and walk to my dead body. it's even worse on Novus but I just now realized it's on Calidor too. Please help.