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  1. Drill does not collect soil (burns soil off) and cannot be modded. It's slower than an unmodded terrain tool, and the angle cannot be controlled either. Please make the crane & drill actually useful
  2. We tried many configurations of Large Rover + Crane + Drill + Soil Canisters, but couldn't get it to fill the soil canister.
  3. When placing tethers, the preview indicates I can attach the tether to the vehicle, but it doesn't form said connection when placed. I tried adding an oxygenator to the vehicle, no change.
  4. This happens a lot when I get in and out of rovers of all types; scout buggies, tractors, large buggies. Sometimes when I get back in, the engine seems "dead." As in, there is battery power but the rover acts like there isn't any and won't go. If I save, quit, and reload the save, it works again.
  5. Trylobot

    SES Vlog 029: GDC, Performance & Steering

    Any improvements/additions to the rovers are going to be a lifesaver for many of us. And that tiny buggy looks incredibly fun. As many folks have mentioned, losing a rover train is still a thing that happens on the regular; sometimes it clips through terrain, and sometimes it just slides away (no parking brake). I think it would be handy for the large rover to have more torque; it currently has a lot of trouble getting up gentle ramps, especially when towing a train. It definitely shouldn't have less power than the small rover (currently it does).
  6. Trylobot

    Rover Overdrive Motor

    bump because I just had the same idea again and realized I'd already posted it we need speed, yo
  7. Here's an idea for a structure; the "Grav-Shute." It's a simple structure that when powered would nullify (or greatly reduce) gravity in an area around it, or within a tube-like structure. This would allow us to create elevators that we can traverse by just hopping in to them! It could also have a fan or a toggle-able up/down repulsor field to help with traversal, or elevators could be built with permanent directions for simplicity's sake. Astroneer's engine already seems to support variable gravity within a single planet, so it seems like this might be possible as an actual thing?
  8. Trylobot

    3D Base Building

    When building base nodes, we have a lot of functional freedom to position nodes at any angle from their parent, and with a pretty generous height differential. However, I think the controls for this could be simplified while also expanding that freedom a bit in an intuitive way. Clicking on a node's conduit preview, instead of creating a hologram in a fixed location, should create a draggable hologram-handle. This handle could be moved in a spherical radius around the original node, in any direction without limitation (except when it would be too close to other nodes). So for instance I could click my habitat node once, drag the preview hologram to be straight up above the habitat, and it would create a new node directly above it. This can already be achieved in a sense but it requires much fidgeting, and 2 extra (potentially unused) nodes.
  9. When in multiplayer, when driving the rover or truck, the "motor" often goes dead when approaching the base. When it happens, the vehicle refuses to respond to movements the same as if its battery was dead (but it still clearly has charge). If I get out of the vehicle and then back in again, it works fine. Sometimes it happens on a ramp and getting out/in does allow me to workaround the problem, but it's quite annoying.
  10. Trylobot

    Recall Rocket

    Not if you had to research it first.
  11. Trylobot

    Recall Rocket

    Getting lost: it happens to everyone, and it's a pretty normal part of playing Astroneer. However, because of the way structures work currently, there is no recourse for the lost beyond further wandering. However, given the theme of the game, it seems likely that Astronauts would be furnished with emergency gear; for instance, if they lose line-of-sight to the home base in a sandstorm, or venture too far underground and get turned around. That is why I propose: Recall Rocket. It is a device one can build out in the untamed lands far from any support structures, using only ones resourcefulness and the materials available on site, and would allow intrepid Astronauts to return safely home in an emergency scenario. Launchpad — cost: 1 resin; deploy on ground after sythesizing in suit Recall Rocket — cost: 4 compound; build directly from launchpad (can only be built once; launchpad is destroyed after launch) Launch Function — cost: 1 hydrazine; in order to launch, the rocket must be fueled, and then the function becomes available If constructed with a clear view of the sky, the recall rocket can launch the user into orbit around the current planet only (no option for trans-orbital trajectories), and then land at any destination normally selectable on that planet; at this stage the pilot should be able to see any planetary beacon systems, allowing them to return home with little fuss. The rocket is expended in the process, and the launch pad is not re-usable.
  12. Trylobot

    Rover Overdrive Motor

    Here's an idea for terrestrial vehicles. Build an Overdrive Motor using 2x Copper at the Printer (suggested), and place the motor on a slot-pair (2 slots, orange outline). When driving a rover that has such a motor attached, holding the sprint button would engage a speed boost. Suggestion for power output would be a 100% boost to horsepower of the rover, at a cost of 150% normal power draw. TL;DR: crafting a "vehicle sprint" module. Bonus: suggested names: Overdrive Motor Extra Motor (R)Overdrive Turbo Drive Unit
  13. (from Steam update as of 3:28 PM Central Daylight Time - patch notesssssss plz
  14. Trylobot

    Get out and push

    This is an idea for the small rover (possibly excludes truck, due to size!). The small rover could have a handle at the front and back, with a button that appears when the player is extremely close. Pushing the button would attach the player to the vehicle whilst still on foot, allowing for slow movement via push (or pull). This would make for some interesting stories: "I ran out of juice on the way back to the base, so I had to get out and push! Then, a sandstorm came and pelted me. I need to go and retrieve my corpse and get the vehicle back!"