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  1. The valve core on my rear tire is disintegrating. When I tried to back it out of the valve stem, the little 'shoulders' crumbled and fell out of the valve. I have the 78 cent, handy-dandy valve core extractor, but I dont know how to handle it, since I can't unscrew it in its current condition. Now when I fill it with air, the needle of the valve stays stuck in. If I pull it back out with a tweezer, it seatws ok and I ma left with an almost imperceptible leak from the valve.
  2. Every day, you hear about car crashes between a truck and car, a vehicle and a solid object like a phone pole or tree, or between pedestrians and vehicles. There’s another form of motor vehicle accident that isn’t heard of as often, but these accidents do occur and can become complicated. When your vehicle crashes into a piece of farm equipment or a tractor, it’s especially frustrating. What do you do?
  3. A flashing light displayed on a vehicle can only be blue, red, green, magenta/crimson or amber/yellow. Each of these colours, or combination of colours, is intended to convey a specific warning to road users. To guard against incorrect use and to avoid possible detraction from the significance of a flashing light, their use is limited to particular types of vehicles and in particular circumstances.
  4. This is a reasonably complicated process that requires you to make adjustments to your firewall. While we are offering directions for initial set up, we offer no direct warranty or support related to host your own servers. Opening up your internet to outside connections is to be done completely at your own risk. Additionally, host your own servers will not allow for achievement progress or the unlocking of suits, palettes, visors, etc. Any attempt to modify the game or connect to our backend services to circumvent unlocks will be met with an immediate ban. Now for actual details!
  5. Gateway Engines are structures that make up the cores of each planet. They are spherical structures, with many pillars extending outward and up through the outer core layer of the planets. The pillars and sphere in the center use a different gravity than the planet does. When approaching any part of the engine, the player will be pulled and orientated to the surface of the structure and will be able to move normally along the surface. As most pillars are not connected to the engine directly, the player will need to jump to be able to attach to the main central structure of the engine. The
  6. A variety of equipment can be used to transform landscapes on today’s jobsite. From skid steers to compact excavators, there is always a machine that can tackle the most difficult tasks. While these machines are useful, purchasing construction-grade equipment may not make sense for your business. For simple, everyday earth-moving jobs, contractors may already have a solution in their fleet: a compact utility tractor. Often looked at as a machine for large property maintenance, compact utility tractors can be equipped to perform almost any job through a variety of implements. From power ra
  7. Having a plan for your project doesn’t mean you should only have listed the tasks it takes to deliver it. Planning your project also includes knowing what resources you’re going to need, and when. The kick-off phase, including creating a project scope, defining deliverables and dependencies, allows you to better estimate time and budget for the project. Resource planning is no different, helping project managers to align projects’ deliverables with available resources. Without it, you can’t really control project’s delivery, its timeline and the budget. In this post I will walk
  8. If your mowers electrical system is not working properly, you may have a bad battery. Mowers are equipped with a battery that charges as the engine runs. If the battery has gone bad, it may not recharge at all, or may lose its charge very quickly. If this is the case, the battery will likely need to be replaced. You can test the voltage a battery is outputting by using a multimeter. A battery outputting 11.5 volts or less is likely worn out to the point where it should be replaced altogether.
  9. The Tractor is a type of Rover in Astroneer. With its cheap research and crafting costs and early utility, it is mostly used as the player's first vehicle. It has a T2 Attachment Slot on the front of the vehicle and a power port on back. The Tractor can pull up to three rovers by attaching them to the rear power port. Like other rovers, the Tractor has no Power when created. The internal battery can be charged by connecting it to a base or by attaching a power source to one of its Attachment Slots.
  10. Hi, This is Mark. I'm Experts to help you in the choice of your tractor Brands and all Things About tractor. Vehicles will sometimes not respond to input, causing repeated enters and exits before resuming normal operation (Update: turns out this might happen when other inputs are held while entering. Should be fixed in next week's patch