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  1. Paploo

    Gravity Decreases Closer to Core?

    As someone who had to run all these equations as homework problems while getting his physics degree, I find this conversation quite entertaining. As a note, the solution—shown quite clearly in the graph from the wikipedia article—summarizes as the force of gravity overall *decreasing* the closer to the center you get. The back-of-the-envelope calculation for this is easiest to understand if you buy a specific result: namely that if you consider a spherical shell of uniform mass, the sum of the gravitational forces anywhere in that shell cancel. The reason this is interesting is that, for a radially symmetric body, the is then trivial to show that when you sum the gravitational effect of all the spherical shells, the only parts that contribute to the downward pull of gravity are the parts closer to the center than you are. In that model, an ever-shrinking amount of mass is pulling you inward. Obviously, that is a simplified model, but it turns out that the general idea holds in the more complex scenarios, because when the spherical shells are non-uniform, their deviations from spherical uniformity only introduce higher order perturbations to the result, with the overall effect still being the same: the acceleration due to gravity goes down, the.closer you get to the center. It turns out Astroneer has it—at least to a first order approximation—physically correct.
  2. Paploo

    Astroneer can't run while carrying research items

    I ran into the same thing, but by pure dumb luck, I found that if I shift-clicked on the research item, I'd pick it up and could run while holding it. Not everything that can be moved can be held though (e.g. a platform).
  3. Paploo

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    After putting another dozen hours of play in since the new patch, I'd like to refine/amend my initial feedback. Overall most of what I said is still true: I do really love the update, and I am still very happy with the new light shuttle (although I've graduated up so that I can hold more resources both for establishing new bases and for my trucking runs). And I cannot wait to see what terrain 2.0 has in store for us! To recap my main constructive criticism, I had posited that since one is required to go off planet to get access to resources, that having finite ammonium supplies was an issue. I had initially recommended adding ammonium to the soil extractor so that doing later game "trucking" of resources between planets wasn't so limited by the time and luck at finding ammonium deposits. But with deeper reflection this seems to be a symptom of issues with the current balance, namely that a player is pretty railroaded into one way to progress because there is typically only one reasonable way to get any particular resource. For example, to obtain Iron, I first *have* to build-up to a small shuttle, so that I can go to one of the three planets that has the appropriate ore, and then truck it back to my home base to use for whatever goal I'm trying to achieve back there. The same problem exists on whichever planet I visit: I am pretty railroaded into one logistical pathway to get at whatever resources are wholly unavailable on that planet. I'd love to see more decision making ability in regards to gathering resources; for example, maybe this play through I want to be a space trucker, harvesting resources from other planets, and bringing them back to my home base; maybe another play through I want to be a nomadic scrap collector, never leaving my home planet, but instead moving from place to place finding scrap and selling it for the resources I need; and maybe another time I want to establish a permanent grid of tethers all around Barren, building a giant systematic network of mines, collecting resources, and selling them on the trade platform for the resources I can't otherwise get. In all cases, it seems like a better balance is needed between what resources are available on the planets (I'd lobby for all of them on all planets, but sometimes being very rare), scrap machines and trade platforms being easier to get earlier in the game, and trade platforms being more versatile than they currently are, so that I can utilize them to more easily get access to small numbers of materials I can't find, without having to go on an epic voyage just to finish my current self-assigned goal where I am. Essentially, I want to again be able to explore on my own terms, rather than focus on one-size-fits-all grind of resource trucking.
  4. Paploo

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Overall I'm a fan of this update! So far, I've been overall pleased with the tech progression, and I'm happy with the solid booster mechanic as a way to get-started on close runs for materials before transitioning up to a bigger ship once you can start making hydrazine. If I could only change one thing, though, it'd be the difficulties of reliably getting ones hand on ammonium. Normally I'd be less concerned, but you are required to get off planet to get your hands on various resources, requiring quite a bit of ammonium just to get materials to craft with. One possible solution would be to add ammonium to the list of materials that arise from the soil extractor. Since it is a tier 2 resource, I'd even be fine with only getting 1 unit per run of the extractor. This also has the benefit of allowing me to spend my hard earned scrap on rarer resources instead of feeling like I need to save it in case I have to use it to get hydrazine for a materials run. Honestly, hydrazine feels a little far up the tiers to me: the need for hydrogen production means that I have to get to pretty much the top of the crafting tiers before I can start using it instead of solid boosters. Maybe drop it down one so we can start using it before we can extract hydrogen out of the atmosphere? Everything else on my list is minor as it primarily pertains to a having the information needed to make decisions during a first run through, like preferring a round trip from a solid booster (so that you don't mis the tooltip and end up stranded [which fortunately didn't happen to me]), or having a material's locations (e.g. planets) and "tech tree" (e.g. use the chem lab with x and y to make it) available so that new and forgetful players can better plan how to spend their hard earned research data on plans. One last thing: I noticed a bug on Arid, where the spiky balls would hang in mid-air motionless, appearing in greater numbers, until I got close enough to suddenly cause them all to start moving in at me, in a giant wave.
  5. Just a note: to be an actual Dyson Sphere, it has to be around a star, not a planet—otherwise, instead of harnessing all the energy of the star (inst ad of letting it radiate out into space), you just have a useless spherical shell encasing your planet.
  6. As a counter-point, I feel the opposite about this, for three reasons: The feeling of exploration is typically greatest when there is a potential for real danger (e.g. getting lost). For example, it is often what made KSP exciting for people I talked to: once they broke their ship free from the bounds of home, they were worried if they'd ever be able to get back, or if they'd be stuck orbiting the Sun forever. I enjoy having some survival skill to navigation, rather than just following pointers on a minimap; I did start playing Astroneer for the challenges of exploration, afterall. If they are radio beacons it totally makes sense: radio waves don't travel through ground so well, so it seems reasonable that the signal would be lost. I also find I do fine at navigating with the systems in place (the beacons make it almost too easy), but if you get disoriented easily, there are several easy solutions, such as laying down more beacons (such that new ones are always visible from old ones) and in higher places so they are visible from further, or, on flatter terrain, like the home world, you can deform the terrain to create a highly visible pointer back towards home (a tactic I adopted in Minecraft starting way back in the first alphas).
  7. Paploo

    World Bridge

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but on the live-stream yesterday the devs confirmed that you could not build a bridge to another planet; the height limit is a bounding box, and it exists for performance reasons.
  8. Paploo

    Power transfer

    I'm having the same problem with a previously working save; it was discussed a bit in the following two threads:
  9. Paploo

    Power Transfer Failure

    I'm having a similar problem with a base. There is a small thread about someone else having the same problem over here: I'm including a save file so that the devs can take a look (if they see this); the save should already be at the appropriate base (the only one on my home planet), and in my case it is exhibited with the Research Module, which is directly attached to my Habitat. This was with the patch released today. I should note that I had not noticed this bug before today's patch, so it may be a new bug. AUTOSAVE_0_2016.12.22-18.08.26.sav
  10. Paploo

    Only up to 5 base modules receive power?

    After this initial base (where I didn't yet understand what I was doing, so I built it oddly), I started to adopt a similar structure, except that I've been putting modules on both sides of the line; I have not tested any of those since the update.
  11. Paploo

    Only up to 5 base modules receive power?

    So after catching today's update, I'm having previously working bases no longer power some nodes. In my case it is a node directly connected to the habitat (which has several power modules directly connected to it). Right now I'm having to power a battery on a functioning part of the grid, and then move it to the Reasearch node to charge it, or if it is daytime, put a large solar cell on it.
  12. Paploo

    Only up to 5 base modules receive power?

    Yeah, looks like a legit bug to me too.
  13. Paploo

    Only up to 5 base modules receive power?

    Oh look, the smelter is one hop closer to power than that condenser. If it were me, I'd experiment with moving that solar panel around between those four closest nodes, and see what happens. Also, the obvious is-it-plugged-in sort of notes that I expect you already checked, but there is no shame in having missed: It's night-time, so the solar panel isn't providing any power right now anyway, and I seem to recall noticing that power charges one thing at a time (or maybe it's power from a source can only charge one thing at a time), so while the condenser is charging (as pictured), it won't direct power to the smelter.
  14. Maybe the fuel farming rebalance should wait until we have proper creative mode tools? For a pure survival game, I agree that the fuel exploit is definitely OP and needs to be fixed, however some people (myself included) are often more interested in building and branching out, than in gathering resources. (For example, with a full time career and a family, I typically have much less time to play, and so spending it all gathering resources instead of exploring the game itself gets old quickly.) For people like us, the fuel exploit sits in as a bridge to the yet-to-be-made creative mode tooling; and now this is being removed, and limiting options to one style of play. Once some creative mode ability to "cheat" to get resources is available, then closing the exploit is exactly the right thing to do.
  15. And here I thought my tether all the way around Barren (connecting each of the three base nodes in the process) was cool.