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  1. I have now tried to uninstall the game & re-install it again, it didn't work (as expected, because Steam's file verification says everything is ok, so it will just download the same files again). A new game in both Survival & Creative mode is bugged. Tutorial works & previous saves work normally too. Next I will try to switch to the beta & see if that fixes it (I highly doubt it). ANY ideas or suggestions or anything to try for how to solve this would be VERY APPRECIATED, I'm running out of ideas!
  2. Ok, so I have tried some more things ( none worked 😞 ) I first went to: %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved And made a backup copy of the whole \Saved folder. Then I went into the \SaveGames folder and deleted all: SAVE_2$2020.01.06-18.17.42.savegame files & relaunched the game & tried to restart a new save, same fail result as usual. So I also tried to remove the PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg file too, so now the \Saved folder is completely empty, the restart still failed to land on the planet. BUT this replayed the introduction animation, but surprisingly I also had access to my unlocked skins, so there must be some more save-file somewhere that I need help to find? (or if it's synced with some Cloud Storage or something?) Also, when the landing pod launched (away from the planet, as usual) it almost collided with the moon, that's how far off course this landing pod is. I need help from you to come up with more things to test &/or delete to get to the bottom of this bug! I want to play this again! I'm attaching my whole \Saved folder here, hope it helps? Want other files? just ask. Saved.rar
  3. Sensino

    I need help with my in game display

    "xbox version for pc"?? not sure? You can solve this yourself if you play on PC, open any folder (or start-menu) & type in the address-bar: %AppData% this will show you a map called Roaming or AppData, then back out to the folder called AppData (if you are in Roaming) & from there you can follow the steps in the instruction in the link above: Find this file: %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini FIRST MAKE A COPY of the file & store the copy somewhere safe, do NOT edit the copy, it's your backup if you mess up, make sure you know the EXACT name of the file for restoration. Then edit the lines in the instruction according to your needs, open the file with like Notepad or Sublime, do NOT open the file with WORD! Such text editors add extra hidden characters for layout purposes & it will mess up the file so it can't be used by the game. You don't need to contact the devs, hopefully they read this forum?
  4. Sensino

    I need help with my in game display

    Solution, add your own custom resolution: (But this SHOULD obviously not be needed, it SHOULD be a properly available option in the menu & should be fixed.)
  5. I have verified the integrity of the game files through Steam, Steam claims that it is nothing wrong with the files.
  6. Apparently I'm not allowed to edit my post nor title anymore (stupid). Version: I can still play the tutorial normally just fine, but when I press the "Start a new adventure game" -button, then the shuttle still launches in the wrong direction & I end up in the solar-system view, there I can move the camera around, but I can not select any planets.
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    Backpack hologram shaking.

    Same as this bug?
  8. Sensino

    Backpack hologram shaking.

    I have noticed it on Glacio, can NOT confirm other planets, don't travel much & game broken now too.
  9. It appears that I can't start a new game for some unknown reason, the landing pod (that are launched from the main menu when starting a new game) flies AWAY from the planet & eventually I get switched to the solar-system view, instead of the pod landing on the planet, but I can't select any planet from that solar-system view either, it also doesn't seam to fix itself by waiting for something to finish loading, it just refuses to restart, I don't know why. I have NOT tried to delete my previous saves yet, because they are the only thing that can actually still be played. Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how I can fix it? Should I attach my save files here? or is that unnecessary? Reproduction steps: Currently Unknown. Reproduction GUESS: * Start a normal survival game (if you can?) * Play around until you can fly to Glacio (& play there too) & also play on some other planets. * Exit to menu (restart the game if you want, or even restart your computer) & try to start another survival game. * If the pod launches AWAY from the planet, then it is working & you will soon see a solar-system view with planet orbits & stuff, but you can't do anything with it. Good luck, I guess? Thanks for help. Edit 1: Windows 7 - Mouse + Keyboard - Steam