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  1. im sorry but where is this settings, gasming, xbox networking on pc and where do i find it? in the settings app in the xbox app? in microsoft store??
  2. I'll try it out tommorow and update you if there are any issues
  3. Me and my friends are all on pc, and we all have the windows 10 version of the game and have updated to the latest version
  4. Hello, my name is law...ive came here to tell you that i would like too report an error in your game....multiplayer the issue is that i cannot join my friend and he cannot join me, we both have high spec pcs with good ping and good download and upload speed, we have checked if astroneer is allowed through firewalls, it is, we have turned our firewalls on and off, i have searched online for hours with so many people having the same problem and it has been around for like a year and ive not seen any updates too fix these issues so, let me explain my issue...when i accept game does nothing, so i manually click join on the co-op menu. and it says "session host" at the bottom right of my screen and says my friends name...and eventually it says could not find session or another error, i have reinstalled my game, gave astroneer priority internet and even lowered my graphics settings, and none of it works...and when i do connect ill be connected for a max of 5 mins Please help ~ Law