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  1. TCrunaway

    Live Stream incoming!

    If you go to the twitch page you can view past broadcasts and should be able to re watch it if you miss it. Also they posted the recording to their YouTube here:
  2. The developers will be livestreaming on Twitch at 6pm EST TUNE IN
  3. TCrunaway

    Stuck in a structure I've just built

    Ive added luck using the multi tool to remove the ground beneath my stuck character and he jumps out
  4. TCrunaway

    What I've noticed for the new patch

    You mean these patch notes, They nerfd the fuel condenser. The seat thing I understand, a control seat should be mounted to the main chassis for control. Like driving a pickup from the bed of the truck lol.
  5. TCrunaway

    How to back up?

    Stolen from Reddit " Managed to delete corrupted saved games. It's located under: C (or whatever directory it's installed in) > users > (user name OR user) > appdata > local > Astro > saved > savegames You can find your saved game there. Remember to display hidden items or you won't see "appdata". "
  6. TCrunaway

    Where are the save files?

    Stolen off of Reddit, I can't take credit lol "Managed to delete corrupted saved games. It's located under: C (or whatever directory it's installed in) > users > (user name OR user) > appdata > local > Astro > saved > savegames You can find your saved game there. Remember to display hidden items or you won't see "appdata"."
  7. TCrunaway

    Fuel Condenser Requirements

    Fuel condenser is getting reworked. Check out the beta patch notes. Cut the value of Fuel in the trade module by half Increase the amount of time a trade takes on the trade module Double the power requirement and production time of the Condenser (Probably more we should do here to make it even less OP, will consider changing up the fuel mechanic in the future)
  8. I had my game go from 60-75fps to 25fps after a patch, I bit the bullet and reinstalled and it didn't fix it. I then deleted all my saves and reinstalled the game and it fixed it. There's also a memory leak, after playing for a while the fps will drop, sometimes a restart fixes this. Patches may break old saves or cause new problems. Don't get too attached to a save or planet as unless you wanna be stuck in the patch your in now forever further progress may break your save.
  9. Fix is on the way. Read the beta patch notes. They will be pushed to steam in a few days i bet. Fix exploit the would allow players to trade for infinite resources by thieving them like a pirate after launching
  10. TCrunaway

    Imperfection - Infinite resources from energy

    They're nerfing this, it'll get better read the beta patch notes....
  11. TCrunaway

    Upgradable base node bug

    Ok the hoses coming from the left and the top are just clipped into the platform not connected. I read somewhere that power will on transfer 3-4 jumps through the hose. If the platform is more than 3-4 jumps it won't transport power. So trace back how many jumps it is from the hose that's connected on the bottom side. The other hoses are superficial and not doing anything. i also may not understand how you got to this problem as when you build a platform it doesn't let you expand anymore. Maybe a little more explanation is needed on how you got there. Is the node letting you create a printer and it's supposed to be just a round base node with two attachment points ?
  12. I've notice this too, I think there is a memory leak in the game or something and it does bog performance. I usually just save, quit to desktop and re open the game. It's a small inconvenience but it's an early access game. Not a deal breaker.
  13. TCrunaway

    Truck gets buggy in cave

    Hang in there hope is near! A current beta patch is in testing and it should fix this. " Fix most (if not all) of the cases where placing items on a storage on a truck would cause all kinds of flying physics behavior. "
  14. Xbox is getting a big patch in a few days, that's equivalent to the current steam release. The Xbox patching process is different and patches have to be submitted to Microsoft it sounds like. They then have a process of approving and pushing out the update and it may take a few days after submitting. I would expect to see something out on or after Christmas. Expect to see the Xbox patches 1-2 weeks behind pc throughout development of the game. for the most up to date information follow astroneer and the developers on Twitter!
  15. TCrunaway


    Ya you do, it's a way to play the game early, enjoy it and help support the developer finish the game. Here's a quote from steam: " Early Access is a full purchase of a playable game. By purchasing, you gain immediate access to download and play the game in its current form and as it evolves. You keep access to the game, even if the game later moves from Early Access into fully released." Also, upon full release they could realize the game is worth 29.99 not 19.99 and sell the final version of the game for more. Early access sometimes gets you into the game at a lower price.