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  1. Ik there is the drill for the tractor but personally I don’t like to destroy an entire mountain to get 24 small cans
  2. Putting a map whould foment exploration with vehicles without the risk of losing yourself and be 1h looking for your base. It should be cool if you put a setting for desactívate it too.
  3. What about puting 2 new things: conveyor belts and some tipe of storage that’s conected to them for letting the resources enter the belt. I think that whoud be very helpfully because when I want to grab the things from my automatic mines I have to go with the car all the way there carry it all come again and then the robots can do the rest but If we put conveyor belts I didn’t even need to go the resources whould come alone to my base and robots whoud storage them. Pls do it for the 003 automation update