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  1. I tried latest patch, current save I've been playing without sound loaded fine for about 30 seconds while I was able to get out of the pod, and then walk a way along my tether line. Audio issues kicked in again.
  2. This worked until I got out of the lander. Got away from the lander and within 5 seconds, audio issues and game's frame rate at 0.
  3. Can confirm that with -nosound, game runs perfectly on my system.Assuming it is hardware, I have a G930, anyone else using USB sound on AMD and having this issue? Does adding -nosound help?
  4. I tried the latest patch and it helped a little bit. Game seems to run fine when out of focus, but when in-focus, I hear dithered sounds and frame rate drops when looking or moving. From all of the other posts, seems my issue is related to the known AMD problem. Looks like everyone else reporting issues are also on AMD chips.
  5. Just downloaded the release on steam and am getting a terrible frame rate issue. The other problem noticed is a sound problem, similar to a fan inhibiting the audio. I have a G930 7.1 WIreless headset, GTX980 Video card, running Windows 10 with 16GB of RAM. The game installed on a SSD. Is there a file you need me to upload to troubleshoot the issue?