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  1. chauncy hartzell

    1.13.128 - Steam - Auto Arm not working

    i recommend having a switch and timer setup it should automatically turn on and off every few seconds
  2. chauncy hartzell

    Backpack hologram shaking.

    by the looks of it this has been an issue for a while
  3. this is not a bug this is intentional. if you notice when you put the packer on an empty canister the packer light is green. if there is items in our canister it will turn red stating that it can not be packed until it is empty. if you want to get rid of it I would recommend making an auto crafting and scraping farm
  4. chauncy hartzell

    Soil Centrifuge stopped working

    I accidently moved the Soil Centrifuge while it was about to start spinning so I put back to resume it. but now its stuck with all 8 injectors full with no spinning animation... weird...yes i have power, platform ,storage and soil.