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  1. add basically 3 different machines 1 they cant be operated by players 2 they will need fuel or energy to work cave deliver a bot that can walk like m.u.l.e. from deep rock galactic this bot can climb soil but do not interact with an object it goal is only to deliver resources for the surface. drone deliver. it can deliver any resources on the surface. maybe should exist certain types that can travel locally or on the entire planet. rocket deliver. some rocket that looks like Exo request platform but instead transfers to the online community that transfer resources between planets. (for me this is the most convenient update from that.)
  2. some things that I noticed that the game could improve. 1 - name the beacon. for me, this is one of the weakest things in the game. when I move away from the beacons they disappear from the map, including the house signal. I don't know if this game has any map, but when I build a vehicle and I drive far from base . I lose myself every time. this is also true when I die in caves. goodbye items. another thing. add a textbox on the sign so I can name each sign that appears on the map. 2 - different saves I know it is possible to double the saves but it would be better to have a choice of list of saves or auto saves so if I mess up I can go back. I had to restart the game because I was stuck on a planet like the guy from "Let's Game It Out". 3 - skeen for free this is controversial. but I think it's a bit of a mercenary to have paid skins in a paid game. I imagine it is to show friends in an online game. but even so, I think there could be some skins that could be bought just by playing. or with a loot box or something at that level. 4 - a community of players. I don't know anyone else who plays this. :(. maybe there could be a way to play with people in the game or at least a public hub. 5 - first person view this would be useful for very closed places in the game. 6 - scanner something that could find warn about nearby mineral o other chemical. perhaps only with an audible warning. 7- shoot objects for example the glowstick. instead of having to get him out of my inventory to put it in the floor , would be cool to throw him in place using the game's weapon. 8 - liquids I really think it would be cool to have water, tar, and acid and lava in the game. 9 - a better way to transfer items from the backpack to elsewhere. the dragging process is very slow. 10 - some animals. I think this game is not violent so some peaceful animals.