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  1. Digging to center of planet (first one). Using wide mod and drill attachment lvl 1 with canister on third slot. Using xbox 360 wireless controller. Just before attaining the delve greedily and deep award (to give you an idea of depth). Astroneer stuck in a forward digging action and any attempt to alter coarse or stop made no difference. Hastily disconnected controller by removing batteries and grabbed mouse and keyboard and only opening backpack seemed to stop the astroneer however could not do anything at this point. Closing the backpack made the "sound" but the backpack was still in la
  2. I am suggesting an automated road level'er where you can select two bases and as long as there is energy/fuel it will plot a route and level the ground for vehicles.
  3. 1. Playing on steam 2.Unexpected guest lands habitat pod in my base. 3.Guest seems to leave terra-former tool next to my condenser module in mini mode!
  4. I had a similar issue where the printer built a crane on top of a solar panel and winch. I could remove the solar panel and winch but as I got about 60 meters away from base the crane fell off and could not be moved.(was in tethered convoy with last rover having the crane on it)
  5. I have noticed issues with the text on several of the module menus. Either it will be clipped ie first and last letter of item will be cut in half. Or the text will be backward or upside down or both at the same time! 1-seat is upside down and backward.