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  1. Update Wasn't able to figure out why the bug caused the crash, or anything related to the crash. However, I was able to load my son's character back into our co-op game. By loading the world on my personal computer, then logging onto my son's Steam account on his computer, I selected to join game from Steam's friends list option. After the game launched, it filtered through several loading screens before returning to the home menu screen. However, the home menu screen did not have the single player option, and I could not join the game by selecting my name in the "Joinable Ga
  2. Summary: 1.13 - Steam - Shuttle stuck in outerspace, unable to reload game Description: While playing in a multiplayer co-op game, my son and I took off from the mysterious satellite at the same time in two separate shuttles. I landed back on Sylva, but he became stuck in outerspace. He had the options of "C Launch" and "V Launch" but neither would do anything. He was also unable to select any planet or satellite to travel to. In an effort to restart his gameplay, we both logged out of the game. After relogging, I was able to rejoin without issue, but his game would give the error