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    Resource Movement and Management

    Very interesting, Lemmon: keep us posted
  2. Limitations (like finite health, or oxygen) - are super cool in Survival (Basic Mode), but in Creative Mode - it's pitiful when players couldn't properly focus on their creativity, being constantly distracted by new Survival mechanics, which always comes along with big updates (like Automation ones). For example, the current need to constantly seek for resource deposits, to place (or replace) dozens of Auto Extractors - definitely must have it's own checkbox in Creative Mode options, to make all resource deposits infinite for Auto Extractors. In general, for any future update - I wish developers will always timely balance limitations they added to Survival with analogous new unlimited options in Creative Mode, to keep our creative minds clear :)
  3. I'm not a fan of breaking / spoiling games: don't get me wrong. I just want to be able to adjust my favorite games to my needs; and this game provided my imagination with SO many needs, that it's definitely my favorite ­čść ..So. Consider this "cheat codes" just as an extra settings to our more customizable Creative Mode: 1) "Infinite Resource Deposits": helping players to forget about changing place for Auto Extractors (my reasons for that are in another thread). 2) "Reset Researches": to make later stages of the game more fun (reasons). Gravity / physics tweaks are obvious entertainments too. This whole thread must actually be viewed as for making the Creative Mode more customizable!
  4. Right now we have various color pallets in Creative Tool ("R" button by default). Since Auto Extractors have green bars indicating how much resources left in a current deposit, I wish player could use a brush and resource pallettes from the same Creative Tool to make more resources without need of moving an Auto Extractor in search of new deposit.
  5. Hello again! In the creative mode we have numerous settings like "Solar Time Multiplier", etc. That gave me an idea that all equipment in our game might have some kind of expiration date after which it would need some manual repair. And players who doesn't want that feature could just tweak some "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" to 0 in creative mode (or it could be 0 by default, while adjustable in creative). I do want that feature being adjustable in creative because I'm seeing this as a kind of mini-game that pushes players to revisit all their settlements for "taking care" of; and higher "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" would increase a need for it. Also, you could make this "reparation" process easier, reducing it to fixing a local energy source; suggesting that all buildings and vehicles linked to that source would be repaired automatically. Also-also: fixing an energy source might require some RANDOM resource. !!! That would provide player with additional SURPRISING challenge on each settlement, making this "endless gameplay" more addictive.
  6. Yeah, totally! I also hope such challenging / repetitive settings could be turned on from inside an old save file: I don't want to abandon my current world)) Hoping to see that in nearest updates!
  7. I think that currently Alignment Mod tool is just a lazy version of Flatten Mode, because it makes ground "perpendicular to gravity" only for the point of its activation. I wish it was making ground "perpendicular to gravity" while I'm dragging my mouse - for every point it's been to while activation button is pressed. Otherwise, it will still be EXTREMELY difficult to make nice, gravity friendly and stitches-free floor for your base.
  8. RazorBaze

    The Trouble with Alignment Mod tool

    Yet still, flattening with Alignment Mod and basic Flatten works just the same, except only how Alignment Mod deals with 1st selected area. And that's how I'm getting my headache. While these 2 flattening tools are just copies of each other. It should be "one click and drag" job. !!!
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm suggesting in a next thread (the title is a bit unfortunate though - it should be something like "More customization for Creative Mode")
  10. RazorBaze

    The Trouble with Alignment Mod tool

    Right now, flattening with Alignment Mod is simply indistinguishable from basic Flatten Mode (without augments), except for making "perpendicular" first selected polygons. What's even the point of having 2 same flatteners? If one wanted make perfectly flat floor, one could swith off Alignment Mod after first click and flatten rest of the polygons with basic mode. But this game doesn't like perfectly flat floors, because of the steep curve of the planets, so again why is this so freakin difficult?! It should be "one click and drag" job.
  11. RazorBaze

    The Trouble with Alignment Mod tool

    Yeah, but readjustment means releasing mouse button, picking for a new spot and starting all over again. The problem with this technique is "the stitches", emerging due to the tiniest differences between the polygons positioning. And further from the start you go - the worse a headache it becomes. Shortly, I really don't get it why is this so hard to "copy´╗┐ first z coordinate (from the first picked polygon) to all the polygons I'm dragging my mouse onto", so I didn't have to readjust.
  12. RazorBaze

    The Trouble with Alignment Mod tool

    I mean, I don't know if the game secretly has xyz coordinate system; but if there is suchlike - you should just "remember" an altitude (that's z coordinate in my example) at the point of Terrain Tool activation, augmented with Alignment Mod; and then simply copy that z coordinate to all the points I'm dragging my Terrain Tool onto (while mouse button is pressed). Floor should not be perfectly flat in this game, because planets are small; it should follow their curve (at least with Alignment Mod tool).
  13. I think I'm just seeking for something that not necessarily evolves in terms of gameplay (like unlocks, or storyline), but rather repetitive in it's core mechanic just to keep me busy. Simply because I want to hang out in my little world I've created, admiring the views... Like meditation))) in fact, the more repetitive - the better)) Because me myself is actually quite enough to make little mistakes \ happy accidents to keep MY story going, so I just need a rational reason for it!
  14. Dear Developers! In Creative Mode, we have "Disable Resource Collection" setting. With this setting "on", PLEASE make Auto Extractors collect resources indefinitely! !!! Because this way, I could've course my routes daily, to collect filled Resource Canisters from all Auto Extractors, without bothering moving them around (in search of fresh spots); and I just could enjoy the views of the world, and simply hang out there, with this cute little, indefinite, daily goal to achieve! You know?.. It just feels LIVE - when something out there (like Auto Extractors) doing it's job on and on, waiting for you to just come along. ))) Your game is so pretty! And inspiring. I just want to be able to chill out there.
  15. just to highlight my 4th approach to initial idea.
  16. totally! but just so that you know, I have a slow computer and game refuses to load saves larger than 5 mb; and, yes I did virtual RAM and it works, but doesnt seem right to me, so; creative with automation and free soil seemed more preferable) I did manage to open all equips and visit most of the planets before creative tho)) and, again: this "amortiza´╗┐tio´╗┐n" setting might be 0 by default.
  17. At very least, you could place this "one button to fix them all" right in the Research Catalog, so player had to spend some bytes for this amortization mechanic. Thus, player will need to "endlessly" seek new Research Items to get more bytes. !!! There.
  18. !!! You can even go straightforward with this and set individual EC's equal to it's bytes cost from the Research Catalog; and it may require Research Items for "collective amortization" mechanic as well. Ultimately, EC counter may turn these bytes into minutes I guess. And just to remind you.
  19. The way I see this, each piece of equipment (as well as each energy source) may have it's own "Expiration Count"; but commonly all connected equipment could share their average "Expiration Count"; and it's "counting" only if they are electrified. It makes sense, since EC may only go down for working (being wearing off) equipment, which again requires electricity. Thus, player will see only one EC at atime: shared or individual (for unconnected stuff). And when EC comes to 0 - all base just turns into debris; and player have to connect it to new energy source(ses), or repair any old ones to higher an average EC for all connected stuff. Yeah, don't forget about that, because random is always fun.
  20. Hello! I'm sentimental person and I love my single-player world dearly)) So, I don't want to start a new game. But, since I unlocked every buildable object game has to offer - it feels kind of pointless to settle a new bases (e.g., to get some rare resource), because it's feels easier to land quickly, grab whatever I need and get back home. And back home - it becomes even worse, because there's no more "rare resource" (e.g.) on my way to build and have everything I unlocked. It would be much better if I could reset all research whenever I like, because this way one's have much more reason to actually dig in a new place (seek everywhere for unlocked gear in debris, research items, etc. - just like in the beginning), so gameplay becomes more challenging over and over again! And you don't lose your old stuff: you just can't make more of it until you unlock it again. I actually hoped for this option in creative mode, since it warns you about losing some progress; and it seemed promising because creative mode makes all researches unlocked (hence, messing with it's status), but once I switched creative mode back "off" - all unlocks came back to what I had.
  21. RazorBaze

    Reset researches for higher replayability

    AFAIK, developers currently consider adding new Star Systems with brand new types of planets (volcano, ocean planet, etc.). My point (to developers) here is: you may even integrate this "research reseting" thing to core mechanic, binding research trees to each Star System. That would apply, that each System will have it's own research tree progression. So, again: it's kind of like starting game anew, but more suitable for players like me who doesn't wants to abandon their cozy habitats))
  22. RazorBaze

    Possible shredder update/addition

    Me also been wondering, why I can't shred some extra resources instead of putting them in the pits)) I don't care if resources won't give back scraps, which seems reasonable; but sometimes I just need to get rid of extras.