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  1. Is there or will there be a query protocol (valve?) that could be used to pull information about servers for things like discord bots using gamedig or server browsers? When trying to get people to play, showing when people are actively playing is very helpful.
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    Hello! after realizing who you were I had remembered you guys had released a dedicated server! I have set up a private Astroneer server on the same hardware I usually do for other games I have hosted and so far the experience has gone smoothly. Which is great! one question which I wanted to introduce here on your forums and not elsewhere as I am not sure that would be appropriate is - are your servers supposed to support domain names? what i mean is, when i add my server as a favorite server in the astroneer client, I can not use my own domain name that i do for the other games i host for. I can only use my IP address. now in my case I don't rent and run my server from home and my ISP won't give me a static IP unless I pay for business internet. so to ease troubleshooting for players should my IP change, all i have to do is change the DNS record to point to the new IP. thanks for the game guys!