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  1. To be able to store gases in a container like resource container but gas
  2. What I think should happen is the devs should make a better joining system like I see all of my friends but most of them don’t even have Astroneer or the game can show who is online or sum
  3. I was trying to make an auto machine and I put a medium resource canister (Graphite) into it and as I do that I disable output and at the same time the auto arm grabs the resource and stopped it mid way and now I can’t grab it nor can the arms grab the resource. Edit: It also Glitched the resource canister by filling it with not a full resource
  4. I was trying to make an auto machine and put the button on the platform and put the target pin to the platform and something happened and it’s just got stuck repeating even in my own inv or without an outside source.