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  1. The small power/O2 transmitting objects that can be made from Compound are certainly easier and quicker to produce if you start with no resources on your pack, but the proper Copper Extenders are better than stringing a bunch of Printers and Generators. A single Extender pack will cover a distance 5x that of a single Generator (or a Small Solar, Windvane, or Worklight, but those require resources other than Compound to make). You can also use a keyboard shortcut to grab/connect the next Extender section when you get to the end of the ribbon, rather than having to fiddle with placing each obj
  2. I would be looking for ways to transport resources from location to location: 1. “Vacuum tubes” – like the Olde Timey message delivery systems (but functionally in reverse, blowing them along versus suction), these would move individual resource packets wherever the tubes go. Each could be handled by having a large base building that acts as the blower motor, and connects to flexible tubing similar to power Extenders. Each tube can turn to follow terrain including heading vertical, to allow for undersurface mines to deliver their goods to base. With both ends of the tubing in pla