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    Hello i have s suggestion the automated terrain detection system is not very good when using the crane with drill tip it misses almost all the time it may be better to manually extend the crane. it is also vary hard to know where you are aiming up the drill likes to stick to the far left making the screen rather awkward the way the drill works is vary useless compared to the transformer cannon. I have provided a GIF so show what i mean.
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    Hello my self and a friend attempted to play astronomer with a 40/60 success rate (joining game/game crashing) the only way it would work is if a player stats a new game and invites the other player at start any thing after about 5 minuets of play time it will just crash hosts game when it dose work the host will have no interaction cursor when in backpack but only if in multiplayer single is fine. This can be bypassed by holding the LT button before entering backpack. I have only tested with 2 players i will conduct more tests with 4 at a later date.