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  1. I always get major lag when I view the friends page when In the menus and to save and quit you have to (at least on console) go through the friends menu, and when doing that it is 99% of the time freeze the game for at least 5-10 seconds. I really this would be fixed because today It crashed me and I lost a few hours of work in game. It would be verry helpful if this could be fixed or even be able to select the save and quit option without needing to go through the friends list. mabe an option would be making the pause menu have a cursor and be able to select any tab in the menu without needing to go through them all before getting to the end or being able to click LB to cycle to the save and quit tab from the store tab. However it is fixed, it would be a lot of help if the lag/crashing when going through the friends list would be fixed, thanks